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6/5/2016 c29 Thunder Dragon
Can I put up just 1 request for this story? I really think that this story request would fit with the theme of Final Fantasy 7 of loss and identity and is needed for Naruto's growth. This could just be me but the way I see it Naruto is faking about getting over what happened in the Elemental Lands and the Fifth Great Ninja War with him losing his friends and him being happy in Midgar just like how Naruto held in his sadness and despair of being an outcast throughout his whole life in the Leaf Village so here is my one request.

Request Number 1. Where Tree Leaves Dance One Shall Find Flames, The Fire's Shadow Will Illuminate the Planet, And Once Again Tree Leaves Will Bud Anew.
When Naruto, Cloud, and the party get to the Lost City of The Ancients I want Naruto to see Aerith's death and Sepiroth's power over Cloud. When that Happens I want Naruto to go into Shock and become unresponsive to the party and eventually go into a Coma and the party sends Naruto to Medial to try and recover along with Cloud after Sepiroth's release from his prison. When Medial is destroyed please make the entire party to see Naruto's life from his birth to his arrival to Gaia. After finding the true Naruto the Spirits of his friends from Konoha as well as the ghosts of his parents appear and tell Naruto that they forgive him for what happened and for him to let go and move on and do his job to save the world he now calls home and destroy Sasuke and Sephiroth.
6/7/2016 c29 8prototype gear
Read this ealier in the year. came back and read the rest.

5/17/2016 c10 silverhawk88
I am finding out the more I read, the more engrossed I get. This is truely a awesome piece of work. I hope you update soon and more in frequency.
5/17/2016 c2 silverhawk88
Wow, almost like Naruto just asked Aerith to marry him.
5/11/2016 c29 anbu31uchiha
Nice,,,next chapter
5/3/2016 c12 1Fhernando
4/28/2016 c27 greatwork
One of the funniest chapters in the series. Drunk Aerith is the best!
4/26/2016 c29 Thunder Dragon
What I tried in my previous review to say was is this Naruto FF7 story going to go through the 100% route in terms of Game play for FF7 and Naruto gaining his cannon abilities with a FF7 bonus? because that would be glorious!
4/26/2016 c29 Thunder Dragon
Great chapter however I have a few questions I need to ask for this story.

Question 1. Are Naruto and the gang going to go through all the Final Fantasy 7 side quests and get all the Master Materia,the summons in the game and the Ultima weapon and Naruto also awakening Ashura's chakra? Because the gang is going to need some extra oomph to hold their own against Sasuke and Sephiroth.

Question 2. Is Naruto going to get back his ability to use Ninjutsu without needing Materia? Because for Naruto in order to hold his own against Sephiroth who can use magic without Materia Naruto needs to do the same.

Question 3. Is Naruto going to gain Jenova cells along with Mako enhancement like Cloud Strife? Because Sepiroth is no pushover and with Sasuke also here Naruto needs some extra muscle to hold his own against them and I am willing to bet that Sasuke has gone through the same process that Zack Fair has in order to gain a massive advantage over AVALANCHE(I blame Kishimoto for this question needing to be asked) also if Naruto gains Jenova cells along with Mako Energy it would level the playing field between Naruto, Sasuke and Sephiroth.
4/28/2016 c24 greatwork
Naruto sensei!
4/28/2016 c23 greatwork
Haha, Barrett's obliviousness!
4/28/2016 c22 greatwork
While interactions between characters are interesting, there hasn't been any proper development. But I'm still a sucker for human interactions in stories!

Also looks like you are taking a page out of Kishimoto's book and provided a huge power up to Sasuke. Not sure how this will affect Naruto given he is already struggling against Shinra and now with a much more powerful Sasuke their lapdog is going to get tougher. Are you going to capitalize on the fact that with the memory wipe, he will not be at trained?
4/28/2016 c20 greatwork
This was a nice relaxing chapter after all the action in the past chapters. As a person who had never played final fantasy this series has been pretty amazing.
4/28/2016 c14 greatwork
Love your story so far. rather than only focusing on progression of story line, you also focus on interaction between characters, thought process and general world building.

I'm one for realistic naruto, given the thousands of godlike naruto we have on fan fiction. But I must say that the naruto in this chapter seemed like the naruto before Gaara retrieval mission not the one during the fourth world war. Can't believe that he couldn't take out two normal shinra SOLDIERS on his own when they are nothing more than armed/trained thugs. It's also not believable that he had so much trouble against Reno, who is basically a Samurai and that too with three more fighters as backup. can't imagine how his fights with first class SOLDIERS be in that case. Taijutsu alone with some light chakra should be enough for these fights. Sasuke in this story by comparison feels more complete. Though I get why the backup might not be useful considering they are running on fumes.

The reason I've mentioned it because, It felt so jarring in your otherwise brilliant story (14 chapters so far). Let's see how the future chapters pan out. Keep writing!
4/23/2016 c26 Prinny
Pls have cissnei and shiva in the pairing plz
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