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for There Be Dragons, Harry

1/17 c39 PixiefiedMagic
Arthur?...Molly?...did NOT expect that! Seriously enjoying this, I’m not getting any sleep tonight
1/15 c110 SarahBethS
Amazing story you’ve got here.
12/13/2020 c110 Grytherin26
i really love your story. Whenever you post a new chapter I am positively giddy. The newest one was full of exciting new plots. Love it. Thank you
12/8/2020 c110 7V. L. Crawford
Thank you for this great update. I love this story very much. I of course had to reread the whole thing before I would let myself read the new chapter. I can't wait to read more.
12/7/2020 c110 1The View From Up Here
Thank you so much for such amazing writing!
11/29/2020 c110 Fangtasia21
As I looked through Harry, several circles are connected to each other, either in blood or in a partner. Like a big, big family. Harry in the middle...
11/27/2020 c110 456snarky
Thanks for sharing your talent of storytelling .
11/27/2020 c110 BamaRose19
I was so excited when I seen this had updated. I loved the Charlie/Ethan moment. I adore that Harry has a mentor now. I completely fangirled when Quinn was all cuddled with Theo and I'm curious as to how Bharins mission will go. Also I'm hoping George and Fred find each other again nothing can keep them seperated for long! Excited to see Harry wake up too great chapter as always!
11/27/2020 c110 20JBubbles
Charlie and Ethan *hearts*

Bitchy Olivia aaaaand Hermione new connection with other characters!

Of coooourse the twins are extra dangerous hahaha

Merfolk! I think this was the most exciting plot twist here since I wasn't really expecting them to exist!(And because I still kind of think Alec will complain about not having kissed Harry himself yet hahaha)

Maury is a sweetheart 3 I'm soooo glad he is caspered!

Ilsa is such a babe :3

Oof waking up and trying to leave the sleeping cuddling partner asleep is suuuuch a trope for me!

Congrats on your original stories doing so well!

PS: I'm going to strive and write longer reviews because whenever you update you give us SUCH a magnificent present that no matter how much squealing my brain is doing... I should be able to transfer it into words so I can give back even a tiny bit of happiness to you.
11/27/2020 c110 Guest
11/27/2020 c110 5Mila Pink
OMG! This chapter was intense. I'm so anxious to the harry circle is complete.
11/27/2020 c110 7agge
Beautiful chapter as always!
11/26/2020 c110 1Calmzone1
I hope you are staying safe and well.
Monster of a chapter is right! Wow. Most impressive

I loved Quinn snuggling up with Theo. So adorable. And then he tries to convince himself that he’s not worthy.

What a complex story. Amazing that you keep track of all the story threads. Kudos

Hugs. Finally getting to check out your original stuff. :)
11/26/2020 c110 mizzrazz72
Petunia did what she wanted or Dumbledore spelled her.
11/26/2020 c110 projectjay
I have a thought/question. Could Harry and company, merge with a circle, like the Evanson they talk about it being fractured. Co uld their circle be the missing pieces to glue it back together? I hope that Quinn will come around, I loved the part with Theo and Quinn sleeping. There are so many thing th enjoy about this story.

I am thankful for you sharing this amazing story with us, and letting us see and enjoy your amazing gift. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving.
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