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6/16/2020 c109 1The View From Up Here
Oh crud, why not. Let's add Voldemort to poor Harry's mess!
6/16/2020 c109 mattdombast
The merfolk needs to die for helping vody
6/15/2020 c109 mizzrazz72
Harry will never be free of Voldemort.
6/15/2020 c109 crystalputri
yo its been a long time 4 this to come. hmm in the end of chapter voldemort come to spoil, why .. he always bad news as if one dombledore is not enough.. why he does not just focus on magical world when harry out of his way? well i waiting for the next one
6/15/2020 c109 6lilly-flower15
great chapter update soon
6/15/2020 c109 1Or Noir
Omg! I havent read it yet but when I saw the email about your story update I couldn't stop smiling! Thank you for the update :D
5/8/2020 c108 britiannanicole
please update soon I love this story and really want to see where it goes
5/3/2020 c1 Guest
I want you to know that I check this story and reread it about once or twice a year, and have been for the past six years or so. I always look forward to the added chapters. You have done such awesome work. :)
4/28/2020 c108 blackcolt1989
So good. hope your doing well during the corona quarantines. hope for more chapters asap!
4/18/2020 c108 Guest
When is the next story coming out?
4/13/2020 c14 95myra
why this harry is too clueless...
3/6/2020 c108 Mirage
wow great a new chap...and so much to read and try to keep
i love how quinn offered them a place to stay and more or less did offer them a first han of frienship or more, and grows closer to the circle and takes over some of there life, like healthy Food and healthcare, they so Need this and he too...now he only Needs to accepts that he wants to try for a bond with Harry, and not fear that Harry or Theo would reject him because he did give upp his Alpha Status to be healer. there is nothing wrong with this...only that it was a more or less forced one...but even when he still Shows his Alpha in some Situation...Theo will help this calm down more and give up some part of the heavy load of being a stil small circles Alpha who go some big Problems...and even when quinn mostlikely never would be an active alpha again, did i not read that there are circles who sometimes got two and they work alright? so there should be no big fear

but who did not give them the list of what they should eat or not, and what to take care of? was it the mean woman the matron?

i really like the time of talk and teaching Harry got with Maury, that they can learn about each other, be there...i really like this two talking like in such moments together_
that will help him a big deal to be more accepting of himself, f not always pushing happiness or wellbeing of others he does not know in front of his own, but learns that he can let himself be pampered andd loved and protected and will do the same for thos Close to him and his loved ones
...but when it really is a bond with george and Fred...with one being torvac, will they accept each other, will they be just Close friends or mate in the circle...will it make Problems for there circle?
Did think they only meet again way later in the hunt when things are mre cleared and calm, and after possible the dark fae , quinn or someone else from air element...

Will they go to the pits like Harry and ethan did talk about, with the favors offering

Hermione also did show up, finaly a bit more free and clear and she go help too_ cant wait to see when this two meet again, as Harry will accept her as friend back in his Family, when she sends the message and explains things right, he really sees her as Close friend

but it really did make ones hair stand up on end that dumbledore did show his mean mug...
...and i dont undertand that a near sentinent School like hoghwart accepts him as head of School, or in her walls, when she is to protect the children and give a home...and he endangers them again and again...or are her ward not active or temperd with...?
...Fawkes...ont get me started at this bird...why does he still help Dumbles, and is still bonded to him...or not? i ont understand this bird...
Atleast Minerva i not happy with him, but till now doe nothing much to stop his sheming

Cant wait to see what happens next chap this Story is really nice_
2/27/2020 c108 chattystarcats
I loved the Harry / Maury part. Looking forward to George and Fred becoming a part of Harry's circle. Is Quinn next? Is Fred finally becoming dragel?
2/25/2020 c108 7V. L. Crawford
This was a wonderful chapter. I love this story so I decided to read the whole thing again before I read this chapter. It is a good thing I did because I think I somehow missed the last couple of updates as I couldn't remember reading them. I can't wait for more and I am glad they are staying near Quinn. I really love that guy.

I also can't wait until Hadrian gets Dumbles wand. I hope he tears that manipulative old goat in half.

Again a great chapter and fantastic story.
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