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for There Be Dragons, Harry

2/18/2020 c108 KrixLight
It has been too long. love the Harry x Maury part. Harry definitely deserve that mentor chat. But ughhhh dying because they know something the characters don't and its killin me! I really want the story to move faster aka more chapters faster. Maybe I should abstain from reading until there's more? I got not patience. Thanks for the update!
2/18/2020 c108 projectjay
It was perfect, little bit of Harry's circle. Quinn and Maury Harry. Can you bring Harry Little creature into the next chapter. Loved the little bit about Hermione too.
2/18/2020 c108 dandeliongurl
So excited! Quinn and Harry are finally, kind of sort of, reunited! Can't wait for the Soulcast results!
2/17/2020 c108 1The View From Up Here
I loved reading the Maury/Harry scenes!
2/17/2020 c108 5Mila Pink
I liked a quite this chapter. It was crazy. I liked so much about Harry and his soulbonds.
2/16/2020 c108 loopy6588
This was actually a favorite chapter of mine as I'm starting to see major threads/plot lines come together. Having Hermione meet up with the Prewetts was a great move and I like the idea of different types of Witches and seeing her be smart, strong, and independent.

I also loved seeing Harry's Circle get some breathing room to handle things, instead of just reacting to catastrophes. The Maury and Harry section was also a well done part. Really I liked at all and can see the story becoming less disjointed and characters are finally starting to come back together. I'd love to see that focus continue, I'd been getting impatient for them to meet up again!

My only confusion is really the whole Torvak portion of the story, but otherwise this was a great update!
2/16/2020 c108 mizzrazz72
Dumbledore will flip when he finds out about Harry? He may have trapped Harry's mentor.
2/16/2020 c108 1Or Noir
Yay ty for the update :)
2/16/2020 c108 Dominique
So love them stsying with quinn happy dance and that harry knows the twins are hid. Plus herimone meeting the twins unclr . Would love for herimone to put aiden in his place iver harry. I think harry should getthe sword. Plus it would be nice if they get a home for themselves. I wanr hadrian to get everything he needs asap the wand from albus as wrll as the ring from shack and cloak from also love for harry to see his grandmother on his mom side asap for her to realize she has a grandson i think petunia should must die ddudley not sure samething about ron. So riven might be harryinstead the princes i think the both could be
2/16/2020 c108 3Silly Shiro-Chan
I love this story so much. I got to say, I’m on pins and needles every time i think a new chapter is going to come out haha. This universal is so interesting and I love to see all of the new characters and details that you come up with.
I also love the sides stories of where things are at in the future! Oh I can’t wait to get to when Quinn and Hadrian bond with Harry, I can’t see that as more Harry taking them both in hand!

Thank you for all your work you put into this!
2/16/2020 c108 WyteWolf91
Ugh this has been heartwrenching and so amusing and just throwing my emotions all over the place! Especially when I read the side stories. Those just confused me more lol. I can't wait to read the new t chapter. I'm glad you are continuing this one. Most good stories end up not getting finished.
2/16/2020 c108 6lilly-flower15
great chapter update soon
2/16/2020 c108 KuroHinata
rush rush everything thrown at them. felt that everyone decides to do something immediately and not plan even for a week before doing something. decide within the hour and everyone will die from exhaustion...
but thank so much for the update. just tired for them from reading this story. ( T﹏T )
2/15/2020 c108 Diakron
i guess all I can say is that i patiently but eagerly await your next book. Hope you find some peace in your life, don't forget to take time for yourself!
2/15/2020 c108 Diakron
well so much for sleeping
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