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10/16/2019 c107 1Calmzone1
Ah, glad I found the info for your story. I will pick it up on payday. Still loving the story and the effort you go to to put it out, and especially while writing, editing etc your original work. You are amazing. And if anyone else tells you differently, ignore them, and/ or tell them to go write however many million words you have now written themselves.

Thank you
10/16/2019 c107 Fangtasia21
That Aiden does not perceive it Harry his partners blood?
10/16/2019 c107 3phoenixdragonsphinx
I’ve thought for awhile that when Harry screamed for Charlie way back pre naverah it was a soul scream. Now that he doesn’t have a dozen seals on him, all the mates he hasn’t bound with yet are feeling it. I’m guessing Hadrian, Quinn, Whikn, Fred and George based on this chapter. I’d like to see Raspen and the water dragel too (sorry I forgot his name). I’d also be interested in the circle having several non dragels maybe one of the vampires you’ve teased.
10/15/2019 c107 dandeliongurl
Glad you are writing again! Looking forward to Wikn running into Harry and Quinn finally finding his place amongst the circle.
10/15/2019 c107 vgamit2103
Good work
10/15/2019 c107 dyan.pruitt
Gideon and Fabian are alive!?
10/15/2019 c89 11Blinded HP
Another question, sorry!

Lady Cunningham, if I remember correctly, with the royal introductions and then the storm and shadow elements, it was said that Lord Cunningham (alpha if I remember correctly) and Lady Cunningham, a Gheyo, stood together. In this chapter, Lady Cunningham is referred to as submissive (unless I read it wrong). Are there two Lady Cunningham's or did I read incorrectly?
10/14/2019 c85 Blinded HP
Just a question. In a few places earlier in the fic, (I think about 3 times), it is mentioned that Ilsa is the adopted daughter of the earthen clan chief, in this chapter Thomas is introduced as her birth-father, how exactly is she adopted?
10/14/2019 c107 mizzrazz72
Someone really hate the Potters or just Harry.
10/14/2019 c107 24JBubbles
The Hallows! QUIN! Hermione! Things coming full circle! HURRAAAAAAAAAY THIS WAS AMAZING!
10/14/2019 c107 1Alex Aces
This was great—worth the wait!
10/14/2019 c107 5Mila Pink
This chapter was intense and amazing. I liked that.
10/14/2019 c107 krabi
You make me more curious , more unanswer question and wait. but thank for this chapter.
10/14/2019 c107 17Child of Dreams
Gideon and Fabian Prewett?
10/13/2019 c107 3WinterWind14
Amazing as ever and I can't wait for all the moving pieces to start coming together!

I will admit I am very confused over the whole death seal/Riven/casper plot line and what exactly happened with the beacon. It's also been so long since I've read this, would you be willing to give a summary, either by having one character explain it to the rest (like Theo to his circle or to Hermione) or as an extended footnote? That would be really helpful!

Anyway, excellent writing as always; I really appreciate the development of individual characters and the effort you put into this story to make the chapters so long. Thank you again and I can't wait to meet Ethan's family!
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