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10/13/2019 c107 Nilyenea
I really live this story! so glad that you are still working on it
10/13/2019 c77 11Blinded HP
Reading this again because I knew an update was coming soon (started reading two days ago). Just realized that here, in chapter 77 Hiram has a mental connection with Quinn but in chapter 70 Quinn took a while to adjust to Patrick's mental connection because Hiram does not share it with Quinn as Surajini and Bahrin does...
10/13/2019 c107 petit.dragon25
verry good chapter
10/13/2019 c107 KuroHinata
i'm not sure why. I like the story but

my mind is going a million directions and I'm trying to stitch them together to identify which are heads or tails or likely that I throw several stones on a pond looking at multiple ripples colliding trying to decode which way are going but missing/not understanding some missed ripples that mess up the plot...
thanks for the update.
10/13/2019 c107 6lilly-flower15
great chapter update soon
10/12/2019 c107 Qtsarahanne
Holy amazingness! Ugh, I can't even...
I'm so excited to see the Prewetts make an appearance. I wondered if all of Harry's would have been soul scream summoned bonded would feel the effects as those seals made it so he couldn't soul scream. Poor Hadrian is going to have to do a lot of traipsing around earth to find the stone that Tom has, the wand that Dumbledore has, and wherever Harry's cloak currently is, especially because none of them will give them up easily I'm sure. Although maybe he'll lose his reaper status due to not getting them without losing his life? Ah so much to process I'll definitely be reading it again soon! Thanks for all your hard work love!
9/13/2019 c106 chattystarcats
Hoping you are well. I am looking forward to the next chapter of There be Dragons Harry. I enjoy the series.
9/6/2019 c106 Julie M
J'adore. J'ai hâte de lire la suite
8/28/2019 c106 257North of the North
Looking forward to the next update!
8/21/2019 c106 Wolvie26
Took me a week to read but I love it! Can't wait to see what happens next! Hope you update soon!
7/10/2019 c105 chattystarcats
I would like to read about Quinn joining Harry's circle. Fred becoming a dragel. Harry getting the rest of the seals off. Getting the twins for his circle and small family reunion(Charlie, Fred,George). Harry getting a exploring the hunt more. Harry bringing Shadow to the hunt and the favors of some intendeds.
Love this story. Read all additional extras from There Be Dragons Harry.
7/9/2019 c106 Mirage
so great that there is a new chap, was really a Long wait, but it was worth it i think it was an interesting wild chap...and Maurice is not fully gone but...kaspered like Theos? and Prince Riven sometimes Comes over like a real potential mate for harry_poor Theo and Charlie and ethan mus be worried hope new chaps maybe come sooner now_
6/23/2019 c106 Arekusandorachan
I love this story so far! I've devoured the entire thing in about 36 hours, and I can't wait for more! Update soon, if you can - I'm metaphorically dying to see what happens next!
6/15/2019 c106 Kitty283
What an amazing story! In the last few days I rushed through reading it and I am more and more amazed and fascinated by it! Amazing work thank you so much for having written it! I love it and can’t wait to see what is going to happen next! Please keep up this amazing work and update soon!
6/11/2019 c80 12Lady Logos
Ok. at chapter 80 now. I'm going to read it to the last chapter that you've posted, but personally I haven't liked all the drama and distractionsperhaps I'm impatient :pI want to see what the seals reveal, mentor, Hermione, George etc. the important bits not yet another breakdown >.< Also I've been somewhat confused about the numerous weird words and rankings. a mini list at the beginning or end of the chapter could be.. quite helpful, since half the time I either mix things up or don't remember. I'm also confused how people can be both elven and dragen? You said before at the Weasleys that people can't be two creatures, so how could and elf become a dragen? Boggles the mind xD anyways, ok story if a bit confusing so far and a hint too much emotional drama for my tastes, still enjoyable
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