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5/29/2019 c106 2748
i love it so much! thank you!
5/25/2019 c1 crystalputri
TQ 4 sharing this amazing story with us. will Quinnalex join Harry harem? Cant wait for next chapter.
5/22/2019 c106 6The Age of Awesomeness
Amazing chapter! I can’t wait to read more! Please update soon!
5/19/2019 c106 456snarky
As usual, you did an awesome job on the chapter! Thanks for sharing your talent. I enjoy reading this story more than all the others.
5/11/2019 c106 Fangtasia21
Nah wondering when a Aiden branch would fall down to Harry's family member?
5/8/2019 c106 24JBubbles
OMG Maurice is Harry's Casper now? THAT IS A BRILLIANT TWIST! And I love how most of the characters or at least huge clusters of several parts of the OCs and original canonical HP characters were put in this chapter at the same time.

It was fast paced and exciting and hopeful by the end! Thank you for updating 3
5/8/2019 c106 vgamit2103
Good work.
5/6/2019 c106 1Calmzone1
Looking forward to reading your original work also! Congratulations. Perfect timing. I was just thinking about you and this story the other day. May Life bring you energy and time for creativity and writing, and the resources to enjoy life.
5/6/2019 c25 mattdombast
I say poor herimone i think that ron not being able to beable to be a friend apart want aiden to destroy him
5/6/2019 c106 loopy6588
Ahhhhh So happy to have a new chapter. Thrilled Luna and the crew are coming back into the picture and glad to see what Wihkin is up to! Sounds like Harry will finally have a mentor in some capacity so things are slowly coming together. Poor Ethan though. My heart felt for him in this chapter! Tough to make a mistake when you're so new on the job, ha. Really can't wait for the next installment already!
5/6/2019 c106 1The View From Up Here
I love that Maurice became Harry's casper! Definitely teared up at that part. I can't wait for the next chapter!
5/5/2019 c106 7agge
Really lovely chapter and so worth the wait.
5/5/2019 c106 mattdombast
Poor harry i wish his luck bad luck would have work out a huge part would loved to see harry dying are almost dying bring his mates to him at least hadrain and wikhn an as well as quinn would be nice . A huge part loves if tiven and tavit was one of his bonded as well they would be hard head for harry get him off while harry hugs him harry needs powerful mates like charlie and twin with him.
So charlies family will come back together which would be nice Arthur pull his head out his as his half. Dragel also would be nice to see ron become dragel full dragel not bestfriends with harry anymore if anyone can be saved i hope its him and a kinda friendship with harry. A huge part would love to see harry realize its hadrian and likes it.
Herimone find harry would be cool. But would love to see harry see his grandma and george.i want so many things. Like hogwart gang with harry would be cool and molly and Arthur togethers again yet i kinda hope harry gets his blood family both side and kick albus well as Tom' harry gets a a royal i still say the prince respan.
But would love two see the dursleys hand over to Cunningham's. That would be awesome
.your little side the story started out to be about harry being acreature then you gave him family thats not dead yet he has got to meet them yetand and his going throughout pain in suffering. Yet his only got 3 mates with hints5 5 to 7 other it's taken 7 years just to get to here in the storyline. It feels like it should be more advanced. I mean the school and found mate's 1 an 2 within the first 37 to 38 chapters than we spent 39 to 106 chapter hint about mates than get the Ethan. Like 7 seals off and knocking on deaths door send someone to save them and killed of his mentor slash parent figured that gets taken away only to kinda get him back makes me feel sorry for harry and maurice's. Because Maury dyes and doesn't get to be with his love ones i kinda think it would have better to see maury back after all the trouble. Like harry said but atlast thank you for kinda saving him for harry.

So plotline harry family lost do to someone stealing her twin children.2. The war between dark and light in magic world.3. The weasleys family being creature's that are enemies yet married. 3 arthurs mother is a dragel slash spy. grandmother samething. Regulas black alive.4. Mentor missing sacrifice hiself to save harry now casper.5herimone will be aiden but not their hiding out with harrys grandma family which connect to aiden favorite hell hound .7 father side spending time with everyone else but harry. in some black market 9. Ilsea family on lock down for family fight or battle 10. Vampries .12 earth orince not mateing with his own circle .13 story line between riven and raspen.14 the Cunningham's 15. Severus in his circle vitor krum yummy.16 immortals waking up 17 plus harry health and seals.18 luna and the gang 19 trail for petunia extra 20. The royal whats going on between the royals. And add harrys finding mates .so much going on but nothing completed. And now lewis is buying half land that appears to be money pit.

I love and hated that i spent years on this story and i can say its still just as amazing granted you have yet to get us away from even the first couple weeks is neaveah
5/5/2019 c105 mattdombast
So very good i wish mury qas could be saved to
5/5/2019 c106 krabi
So long chapter worthy of waiting time, thank you so much but it a long long day for harry and co. Will harry met hermione soon?
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