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5/4/2019 c106 Guest
Really love and appreciate your writing. Pretty interested in your original work too!
5/4/2019 c106 Rex888
Ahhhh, so many things going on! A couple of incorrect there's /theirs and there're's but your writing is flawless as ever.
5/4/2019 c106 27Queen Tigeress
Yay a new chapter! Loved it :) Can't wait for more Quinn
5/4/2019 c106 6lilly-flower15
great chapter update soon
5/4/2019 c94 Or Noir
OMG! you have made my week and I havent even read the chapter yet! I'm rereading on chapter 94 but can't wait to get to it! Thank you :3
5/1/2019 c2 lesa.blazer
Please please come back and continue this story
4/29/2019 c105 Stressnella
I am absolutely pumped for your new chapter. Your last was posted I think three days before my Year 11 of Secondary School started, and now I’m just about to dive into my GCSEs, your fanfic is what I use to help me relax after a ridiculous amount of revision each day. You’re a fantastic writer, you add serious depth to every single one of your characters and considering how many you have managed to form and flesh out, that is beyond impressive. I am constantly awed by your genius and that’s why I stick to this fanfic like glue, despite the extremely long update gaps, because honestly, its worth the wait. I can’t wait to see what torture you’re going to inflict on Harry and Co. but I know I’m going to love it.
4/27/2019 c1 lesa.blazer
Please please please continue soon
4/10/2019 c18 Demonfan50
2/1/2019 c105 11petites sorcieres
I have only slept 2h30 yesterday in order to read this and I have absolutely NO regrets. This was so good ! I had such a great time and the characters are so endearing. My favorites are definitely Lewis and the members of the Nott circle by far. I really like how you wrote the relationship between Beta Alpha Submissive etc. I’m really glad that Harry talked with Charlie and Theo about the Blood Quill used on him. I love Ron so I do hope we will see more of him with Harry as friends ;; I m very interested in Alec. Also the Weasley back story was fantastic ! I m kinda lost on whether Harry still has the Horcrux or not ? I thought after his possession he didn’t but I could be wrong ?
I was very glad that Harry had that Talk with Theo about wanting to go back to save people. As glad as I was Harry was finally being happy and getting to be a teen, I was very surprised that there was no more mentions of Voldemort or him feeling guilty about saving everyone and not doing enough which is how it was through his whole years. So thank you for writing it. One of my favorite part was Harry jumping at finding someone like Lewis who looked like his dad ;;

The 3 things I want to see in next chapters ? Harry explaining to his bonded what happened with the Dursleys through his life ( cupboard, hating magic etc), more on Harry & Voldemort /Tom Riddle Jr connexions ( talking with him through the diary, the friendship image he had, the horcruxes in general and Voldemort’s memories), does it count as plot if I say « cute moments between the Nott circle »
1/24/2019 c105 TheGrimmChaos
Please update asap!
1/1/2019 c79 Brwnwillow
**pout** I don't want Harry to go back to WW. I love this world much better. :)
12/19/2018 c105 farane
Hi Scioneeris,
I'm a french reader and i hope you will excuse me if what i write dont make sens. While i understand perfectly fine what i'm reading, i'm not so fine when i'm writing something.
I read your story two times already, and i have no shame to tell you that i have fall totaly in love with her. Youre world building is incredible, really. Sometime i'm a little frustrated by the slow building of all youre plots but in the end, it's made them better, so don't change anything. Never ! I can't wait for the next chapter and have the explanations with The Cunningham's and Hadrian. I hope Harry will wake up too, and perhaps seeing a first consequence for 4 seals break in the same time ? ( Death seals and the 3 freed by Maurice if i'm not wrong ?)
In the end, i just wanted to tell you thank you for the very good moment i passed to read youre story. I was awake at night, and cannot stop for sleep. Scioneeris, you know, i think, you spell this story with a compulsion charm, because she don't leave my head. ;)
I whish you a good Christmas hollyday and a happy new year if you not update in the meantime.

Thank you for all, Farane.
12/13/2018 c105 Fangtasia
What the hell do they want from the Hallows of Maurice and or Harry - of course, out of trouble?
12/13/2018 c101 Fangtasia
Evansons should look at their family tree. Especially that Jun miss her Daughters. LOLZ:) George is Harry's other soulbond?
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