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for There Be Dragons, Harry

3/5/2012 c4 Anon
Theo/Charlie/Harry would be cool. Second choice - Charlie/Viktor/Harry. Like the story so far!
3/5/2012 c3 Vote
3/5/2012 c3 ChristinaToonen

Love this story already and i'd like to vote for the pairing to be charlie/theodore/harry!

Please keep going!
3/5/2012 c3 3Justpucky
I love Harry/fred/george... Theo is a serious character, I see him as a mentor/advisor. Even though they are the same age, Theo was raised with the etiquite and politics and can help educate Harry.
3/5/2012 c3 glitterfairy1990
theo/fred/george/charlie/harry! be still my beating heart! ;)
3/5/2012 c3 12Alec McDowell
Interesting start to this; I like that Harry went through his change and didn't come out the other side with otherworldly beauty and hair cascading down his back. Also him not being shunted automatically into the 'oh he's clearly a submissive' role is nice as well. I loathe fic where the character/species has a difference and they can't choose themselves off of their own merits and personality. As for pairings- I'm always down for Charlie, but, due to Harry's inheritance being draconic in nature I see that pairing working best if Harry is in the dominant position between the two. I think Charlie would get a thrill being dominated by a dragon and not being in mortal peril from it. Not really sure who I'd suggest for a third person, though I am inclined to lean towards Viktor Krum (because there will never be enough of him and Harry) or an OC male. I just don't see most of the characters fitting too well...
3/5/2012 c3 1Mari Rey
Lovely story so far. I love of Harry's creature side is so apparent. And as for the pairing I wouldn't mind any of the ones already suggested. But as for my favirote it would probaly be a mix so how about Charlie/Theodore/Harry pairing. It would be a waste if Theodore wasn't in the pairing since you spent Two chapters on him already.
3/4/2012 c2 27917brat
this story sounds really amazing adn I love the information you gave about what Harry maybe. I also can't wait to see what you are going to have happen next and love the fact you updated so quick so lease keep up the amazing work. Oh and if we can vote more then once I vote for Charlie again.
3/4/2012 c2 2history
I like the begining! I like that it doesn't look like the sub can't defend himself ( it always annoyes me when someone can be pregnant = this someone can't defend himself, because when a woman is pregnant, she can defend herself, you see.).

Well, i would like Harry/ theodore Nott/ Cedric digory ( yes he is dea but perhaps he is alive in this world). After, i'm not against the twin, bill or charlie. But please not Draco malfoy, they are so many fic where they are in relationship. SO please not the Harry/draco.
3/3/2012 c2 27Orcux
Woahhh~ Unique story! xD

Can't wait to see how Harry deals with his problem. :O And bleargh, the Daily Prophet's spreading rumours about him again? ):

Didn't expect Nott to come in. o_o That's a really surprising turn of events. Wonder what he's going to do? AND LOCKING THE DOOR IS REALLY SUSPICIOUS MY FRIEND. :O AHH!

Anyways, for the pairing! xD I think I think Fred & George as the alpha and beta dominant would do great, don't you think? -wink wink- With Harry as the submissive. Ahaha! But wait, does that mean that Harry's going to give birth? -backs away slowly-

Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us! :D
3/3/2012 c1 27917brat
Oh this sounds like it will be a seriously brillint story and I really can't to see just what you are going to have happen next so please keep this up and update it again as soon as you can. Oh and can we vote for who we want with Harry cause if so I vote for a Harry and charlie pairing.
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