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for Sorrow's Hold

8/6/2015 c1 anastasia bell
OMG you should have inserted the "Release me, I can't hold on," part. It fits in perfectly with the story. Anyhow, awesome writing you've done here!
11/10/2013 c1 98ImpalaLove
Wow, this was beautiful and heartbreaking! It went straight to my favorites- your portrayal of Dean was spot on. Awesome fic!
4/30/2012 c1 132Beckydaspatz
Deep breath. In and out. You can do it – the voice in your head says – Gotta keep going. Work through it. Don't be such a baby. Stop whining, you brother needs you. Or another victim... Or the world! The lines are so blurred now that you can't see it, but there's definitely something still worth fighting for.

Or… Is there?-perfect beginning, you really managed to give us (the readers) a front row seat to what is going on in Dean's head this season.

Now, you're just the broken shell of a hunter. Like the pieces of the old smile; – the one you are convinced you should pick up off the ground and glue back together. Plastered on your face, creating this messed up version of a smile you now wear, just because they told you it was the right track – like the Goddamn soldier you always were; it should comfort you, make you feel grateful for being alive for another day.-Wow, that's super powerful. Hell ever line has been a punch in the gut so far.

It's simple: you're not important. To anybody. You are the brother, the protector… The second best. You come after college, after the "apple pie life", after the desire of normal. Absolutely bellow the revenge and all the lies-Oh that HURTS.

And it hurts. The invisible enemy keeps coming. The whispering voice, it comes from deep within your very core. It says: give up! What are you still fighting for? Who are you supposed to protect now? You can't jump in front of Sam's bullet, not anymore. It's inside his head, and you can't even suck it up and put yourself together to reach out and help him.-Good God, where is this all coming from? This is Dean angst at it's best.

You're both too broken, you can't even recognize each other anymore.-That's so sad.

He'll be okay – you whisper in another dark room, downing another bottle of Scotch

He's just fine – You mumble, while faking another painful smile in front of the mirror

He's strong – You say, tearful eyes lost in memories of lives long gone

He'll be fine – Your eyes convey while the cold gun presses against your skull, fingers eager to pull the trigger and get it all over with.

But you don't do it. You can't. The clatter of the gun hitting the ground is the only sound amongst the suffocating silence. A lifetime of tears the old you would never let himself cry rolling down your face.

I wouldn't ever do it, the man you don't recognize anymore thinks, sounding oh-so-sure and drinking yet another bottle.

Cause Dean Winchester is always fine – he whispers, with a chocked up laugh and a crazy smile, while his eyes close and his own blood pools around his feet.

"DEAN!"-Holy shit! That was amazing! What a ride! WOW! Please keep writing, you are very talented!
3/4/2012 c1 itscalledkarma
This story was so sad but just so beautiful at the same time. You just captured Dean's utter despair,depression and self loathing perfectly! It's so sad how Dean doesn't feel he is worthy of love or forgiveness, how he's never had any self esteem! I suffer from depression, have most of my life,this is how I feel on a daily basis..trying to be strong when you just really want to give into the darkness calling you to end it all.
3/4/2012 c1 162smalld1171
WOW! This story is a work of art my friend. I can't even find the words to describe how utterly beautiful this is. What an amazing glimpse into what swirls around Dean's head that we don't get to see him utter outloud. Magnificent and amazing. Well done, I loved every, single word.

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