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for the cards are never in his favor

10/14/2018 c1 TheOneResponsibleForThis
Good job, these all seem like things that might happen.
6/2/2013 c1 thepumpkinqueen712
RAAH! Write, please! This is amazing!

Oh, and a little alterification to your title- The Adventures of Unlucky Cards
3/17/2013 c1 2400shadow
You're going to update this right? Please tell me you are this story is really, really good. Just what I thought a young rocky would be like!
3/12/2013 c1 1One Small Word
This is really good! I want to know what happens next, keep it up please
3/22/2012 c1 250CampionSayn

Oh My GOD this was the most awesome thing ever! This was beautifully written and not to mention completely worthy of praise. You have totally captured the small up and big downs of Rocky's most notable time of life before getting the boot and it's just so hard not to want to glomp you forever.

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