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6/2 c50 Fan
Thanks a great story!
3/5/2023 c29 fightboredom
Technically he's not wrong to compare being in love and the physical and emotional attachment that goes with it to hard drugs. They affect the brain the same way, lighting up the pleasure center, creating a dependence aka an addiction. The fact that it's rude and impolite to say it doesn't make the comparison to cocaine inaccurate.
1/7/2023 c50 Guest
Good work :)
11/23/2022 c32 Anemone
Lovely story. I really love John as the supportive friend to both of them. Molly is a wonderful woman. Just wanted to point out that Sherlock's second text message to her in the morning is absolutely perfect, spot-on in character and absolutely adoravle at the same time. I refuse to convey my emotions in texting...
7/9/2022 c50 16QueenNaberrie
Aww. Sherlock and Molly are in love and engaged. Beautiful story! Thank you so much for writing this.
7/9/2022 c44 QueenNaberrie
Poor Sherlock, thinking Molly was dead. Veronica was not a nice person; but she didn't deserve to die. The question is did Moran make a mistake or was it warning? Was the diamond case part of Moran's network?
7/9/2022 c42 QueenNaberrie
Aww. Sherlock actually was looking forward to the possibility of being a father and was disappointed when it wasn't true.:) So cute that he took little Olivia's case. That was sweet of him, but it lead to a bigger one. lol
7/8/2022 c32 QueenNaberrie
Aww. When he blurted out that loved Molly, I just want to cry with happiness. :,) So glad they are working on getting back together. They were miserable without each other. Reading on.
7/8/2022 c31 QueenNaberrie
FINALLY! Sherlock has admitted he's still in love with Molly. I hope Molly sees his sincerity and takes him back. Reading on.
7/8/2022 c28 QueenNaberrie
I'm crying! :,( Sherlock is being an idiot! Ugh. I hope he stops this nonsense and apologizes to Molly. Reading on.
7/8/2022 c27 QueenNaberrie
Oh no! Sherlock, don't be an idiot! Don't break Molly's heart! Reading on.
7/7/2022 c16 QueenNaberrie
So glad John and everyone knows of Sherlock's continued existence. I can just see the look on John's face when he saw Molly and Sherlock kissing. It would be priceless. lol :)
7/7/2022 c13 QueenNaberrie
Aww. Sherlock loves Molly. He better tell John soon! The longer he waits, the more upset John will be, especially if he finds out he was the last one in their circle to find out about it. Reading on.
7/7/2022 c6 QueenNaberrie
Sherlock loves Molly. :)
4/4/2022 c50 2Yong Soo Kim
omg I love this story <3

I'm a new Sherlolly fan, and after I read this fanfic I really fell in love with both Sherlock and Molly ! >.<

Thank you for making such a great story, I can't wait to read the sequel<3
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