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8/26/2012 c39 1Glasslady54
Please update! Your story is amazing! Please!
8/24/2012 c39 3Rosealyn 'Flinx' Roth
Awww! Super cute! Loved this chapter. Please update soon!
8/24/2012 c39 BustYourWindows
Awwwwwwwwew so as u can tell I'm obsess with this story lol it just keeps gettin enter and better.! Great great job can't wait for the next update :))
8/24/2012 c38 BustYourWindows
Awww Moode so cute but kinda creepy lol but still such a great great chapter like always.!(: and cute too.!
8/24/2012 c38 Rosealyn 'Flinx' Roth
Haha. Oh Moose. He is acting kinda creepy but I think its cute. Please update soon!
8/23/2012 c37 MynameisSara
I LOVE this story! Please write more! And more! And more(: thank you! And I love it when you do different peoples points of view! I think it shows why everyone's thinking! With love,
8/23/2012 c37 BustYourWindows
Okay so is it me or one of the chapters got lost -.- but anyways great chapter I love how moose was nervous to talk to Camille so cute! :) awww I hope when she sees him they get back together (:
Great chapter! .
8/23/2012 c36 Cler
ok, I'm new here, I love the Moose&Camille couple so I were looking for some stories about them since in the movie they haven't been togheter enough, or at least i think so! By the way... I read all the story in the last two days and all I can say is that is just AMAZING! I definitely want to read more so pleeeease update soon! o)
8/22/2012 c36 Rosealyn 'Flinx' Roth
Great chapter! As usual I loved it! Please update soon!
8/22/2012 c36 BustYourWindows
Awww I actually felt bad for Molly. But Moose loves Camille. Aww I hope they do get back together and Camille believes Moose. Great chapter. Like always!(:
8/21/2012 c35 Rosealyn 'Flinx' Roth
Ugh! I was so mad that they didn't explain things to her about that crazy bitch molly! Moose better explain to her and she better let him! Please update soon!
8/21/2012 c35 BustYourWindows
"Molly is going down!" ahh such a great story. Aww I hope Camille gives Moose the chance to explain that his "gf" is a complete psycho! Great chapter!(:
8/20/2012 c34 Rosealyn 'Flinx' Roth
Nooooo! They were sooo close! So close! Please get them back together. Moose better explain to her that molly is a psychotic bitch that won't take no for a f***king answer! Pleaseee! I beg of you! Update soon!
8/20/2012 c34 BustYourWindows
Oh nooooo! Camille hates Moose now! Awwww nooooo! Poor moose! Poor Camille! Ahhhhhh I'm starting to panick like their not going to get back together anymore :( ahhhhh can't wait for the next update!
8/20/2012 c33 Rosealyn 'Flinx' Roth
Great chapter as usual! Stupid Molly!She needs to get the picture and get lost. And moose better get to Camille soon. Update soon please!
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