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for Camille's side of the story

6/8/2012 c13 CellyMellyGleeky
The 'I love you-s!' Aww, how cute.

I feel so bad for John, I hope everything works out for him... I also hope Moose&Camille go out on a date soon, or they might have problems...

I'm anxious to see what happens! :)
5/22/2012 c12 CellyMellyGleeky
What? He said he loved her! How cute! That was so sweet, you really bring life to their relationship, Camille and Moose. I love that they have problems. I also hate that too. XD

I can't wait for them to meet Tyler!
5/20/2012 c11 CellyMellyGleeky
WHA, WHOA! Dude! Another arguement! And Cam is okay? What is happening!
5/16/2012 c9 CellyMellyGleeky
No need to worry, I loved it. I'm sure there are those who care, they're just lazy to review. I really like your story, and I can't wait to see the next chapter. Don't give up, just keep improving and doing your best you. :)

(I wish Moose and Camille would be happy. XD But, it'ts nice that the have problems, it is more realistic that way. I'm lovin' it.)
4/11/2012 c8 CellyMellyGleeky
I like this story. It's sweet and cute, yet frustating! You writing draws me in, and yet I wish they would stop fighting! DARN YOU COLLEGE! But, the reality of it is so awesome!

Haha, I hope they get their happy ending, I love that type of stuff. XD
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