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for How to befriend a ghost

12/26/2022 c16 2StrongestAnythingGoodPrincess
Is 6 years enough time to write another chapter?
9/14/2022 c16 Guest
I’ve read this story start to finish a number of times over the last few years. It’s AMAZING! I really hope you’ll come back to it someday.
1/16/2022 c16 Eva3000
I REALLY REALLY hope you come back to this masterpiece VERY soon!
I haven’t seen a story like this before and it is just wonderful
*chef’s kiss*
You could clearly see the effect you put into the story to have pretty accurate info and when I see things like that, it just makes me love the story even more.
I wonder how and when Danny will go back to Amity Park? Will he bring Sparky with him perhaps?
These questions linger in my mind, hoping to be answered

I hope you see this and get inspiration to pick it up again !
12/13/2021 c16 notesonatagmail
Amazing story:) I watched BOTH series and keep re-watching them almost all the time
12/11/2021 c16 Guest
This is one of the best stories I have read
You have to write more pleeeeeeease
11/28/2021 c16 Guest
It's an AMAZING story:) too bad I can't read more tbh...
11/1/2021 c16 Reader10000
No, no, no, NO, NO, NO! I NEED MORE! Please write more soon! This story has a really great plot and even thought the grammar isn't perfect, the story is probably on of my most favorite fanfics in the UNIVERSE!

Also, I'm kinda wondering if Danny got sucked into the thermos. If he did, great idea probably wouldn't have thought of that if this was one of my stories.

Congrats on animation school! (If you're talking about yourself, it was kinda hard to follow.)
9/4/2021 c16 sarahdelein157
4/11/2021 c16 16KorevainsoLightshire
I do hope this updates again.
3/14/2021 c16 Ryavrel
Must. Continue. Must. Keep. Reading. Need. More. NEED. MOOORRREE.
*ahem* On a less psychotic note, I thought this was a pretty cool read and I'll definitely keep my eye out for any updates. I'll say this, a DP/HTTTD crossover is a very interesting concept and for this I think it's pretty good.
Until next time... ;)
2/28/2021 c16 PapabearSTV1
Nice enjoyable story! Hope it gets finished someday!
10/27/2020 c16 Heyo
I really hope you will finish this story at some point. This is the only good DP crossover i've found
10/27/2020 c16 Guest
I really hope you will continue this story at some point. This is one of the only two good DP crossovers i've found
9/24/2020 c16 5Weshney
Just so you know, I'm still here hoping for an update. Hahaha
7/16/2020 c16 2PikaWings
Hey it's been a while and i was wondering if you still planned on updating. The story is amazing and I just cant get enough of it
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