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for How to befriend a ghost

6/15/2020 c16 1SofiPhan29
Daaaaammmmmnnnnn. Please update; it's been long since I found a really good story like yours. UnU
5/23/2020 c4 Guest
5/17/2020 c16 Valorus-Prime99
Where in the blazing pits of hell are you?!
I have been waiting for years for you to update woman.
What the frag?!
12/24/2019 c16 The ChocoGoat
Incredible. I would love more! And whaaat? A Fenton thermos? Or even more exciting a ghost thermos that wasn't made by the fentons
12/9/2019 c16 16LetTheChaosEnsue
Please tell me this isn’t the end! This can not be the end! I might die if this is all there is... I need more!
7/26/2019 c16 Guest
7/18/2019 c16 hamiltonNYC
we are stuck on a cliffhanger
need to know what happens next
im dying here, I have to know
7/9/2019 c16 Sequoia D
Nooooo! Please finish this story! I just gotta see more!
4/30/2019 c14 Namesake
Excellent chapter. I love how you described multi verse theory within the frame of Hiccup's understanding, it really stuck with me, I'd never thought of it that way. Have a good day. :)
4/30/2019 c16 NervousNumbat
You had a rocky start but as the chapters grew so too did your experience and skill. The latest chapter has a nice flow to it and ended on a very compelling cliff hanger.
Congratulations on your collage acceptance! Even though you'll be busy I hope you'll have a good time making new memories and experiences.
Thanks for posting your story. :)
4/14/2019 c1 Tina Saliceti-Irizarry
Please more up dates!
3/26/2019 c16 Tannalaus
3/23/2019 c16 3516ckelmen
Please come back and write more oh merciful author
3/7/2019 c16 1supaherolena02
( *) I'm really sorry if this sounds pushy but I reeeaally hope you update this fic someday cause this cliffhanger is incredible
I've reread this some times already and I hoped for updates and I didn't want to send I review just to say "plz update" but now that httyd3 is coming the trailer reminds me of the existence of this fic and Iits been killing me (。• ω •。)
I love it up till now and I want to know what comes after this 。゚( ゚o゚)゚。 I didn't comment much but I've been following this fic for years now but I'm shy af so I just wanted to add that this is a great story Danny is kind and badass and everyone is nice
Also really thank you very much for writing this fic at all its excellent *:.。.o()o.。.:*
3/6/2019 c16 Guest
yeeees, this is good. what an excellent twist! best cliffhanger so far :)
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