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10/6/2020 c40 6Smthnborrowediamblue
Alright, so I’ve made it to the end. Wonderful story!
So unfortunate you had to choose the year 2020... if only you had the psychic abilities of Daphne...
So here are 20 things where this story went wrong:
1) Only one visitor a day in Niles’s hospital room!
2) who would want to stay in a hospital that long!? Ugh, so much covid.
3) Martin died of coronavirus
4) where was the “shrink” mask?
5) David didn’t yell at Emily because she had a boy with her; he was mad bc they weren’t 6 feet apart
6) speaking of that, no sleepovers!
7) Frasier is ostracized; who knows what he picked up in Chicago
8hi everyone, my name is Ashling. I’m so excited for remote learning because I get to be with my dad who’s in a coma all day long! Look, he’s in the shot! Say hi dad... oh wait yeah he can’t”
9) oooookay everyone, it’s time for gospel zoom!
10) wedding zoom!
11) Donny and Roz probs would have never even gotten together. 6 FEET APART PEOPLE!
12) No surprise party for you Niles
13) Ashling would have NEVER wiped her nose on her sleeve
14) the cuts were because her hands were so cracked from all the hand sanitizer she’s been putting on
15) we should see at least one whole closet consisting of only masks
16) also, wow can’t believe Niles and daphne only gave David the iPhone X
17just when she thought everything was going well...” ITS 2020 SINCE WHEN HAVE THINGS BEEN GOING WELL!
18) Niles was in a coma so long bc he didn’t want to see the outcome of the presidential election... unfortunately daphne woke him up too soon
19) travel is not that easy frasier... grr...
20) Emily was mad at Donny bc she thought he would get together with her mom, give her covid, and watch as the covid killed her
Yeah ok that’s it from me bye
9/16/2015 c40 dreamer 3097
This is good
1/1/2014 c40 710iloveromance
What a wonderful way to end this story! Congratulations on 40 great chapters and I know how it is to see any story that I write come to an end, especially when I've been working on it for a long time. I love that Niles is walking again and is using Martin's cane. I hope Ashling continues to get better. Really enjoyed reading this and I'm looking foreword to your next one!
12/28/2013 c40 764Kristen3
This is such a beautiful ending. It's sad to imagine that Martin is gone and that they nearly lost Ashling, but I know they'll be all right as long as they have each other. I like the details here, like w/ Ronee giving Niles Martin's old cane. I can see that. I know you put a lot into this story, and you should be proud of how it's turned out!
12/28/2013 c39 65sparrowchords
Wow, I really like this ending! The last few paragraphs are great and I really like how you put the wedding and the funeral right next to each other as to put a beginning next to an end. I'm so glad that you took the chance to write this story and to share it with us. I admire how much work you put into your story!
12/27/2013 c39 764Kristen3
Wow...I never saw THIS coming! The Cranes have had their share of heartache by now, haven't they? But I love the details w/ Emily getting her period. It's cute that Daphne cries over it. So like her. :)
12/27/2013 c38 Kristen3
This is so emotional. You gave Martin a very fitting tribute, and I know his funeral must've been packed. It does help to know that he is with Hester now.
12/26/2013 c39 710iloveromance
Oh no! I wonder what Daphne found in Ashling's room! Hope Ashling is okay!
12/23/2013 c38 65sparrowchords
I love how you described Martin's funeral, and I can tell that you planned it out so well. Great job!
12/23/2013 c37 sparrowchords
Hmm...I wonder what Simon will be up to at the funeral! And I'm very curious to see what will become of this Michelle...
12/23/2013 c36 sparrowchords
So nice of Jordan to come over for Emily! The way Daphne is acting is very in-character for her. I love how your chapters are short, yet they have so much to offer. :)
12/18/2013 c38 710iloveromance
This is such a beautifully written chapter. So many details that made the service seem to be happening right before my eyes. Reminded me a little of my dad's funeral. I'm glad that Simon behaved himself for the most part, although it doesn't surprise me at all to know that he's going to a bar with some of Martin's friends! I love that Frederick showed up! What a wonderful surprise!
12/18/2013 c37 iloveromance
Oh my! So many surprises in one chapter! I love that Niles and Daphne are so flirty and romantic with each other even through their grief. It's hard to picture Roz and Donny as a couple, much less engaged! Ha ha! But I really wasn't prepared for Simon to show up. He's sure to cause trouble!
12/18/2013 c36 iloveromance
Aw, it was sweet of Jordan to offer to help with the service for Martin. I loved the sweet moments between Emily, Niles and Daphne.
12/18/2013 c35 iloveromance
I'm surprised that Frasier didn't already know about Martins' passing unless he had been in town for a few days before, but it is fitting that Niles told him at Cafe Nervosa. Wow, Emily's reaction makes me think that David should have had Daphne there with them when he told Emily about Martin or at least had her tell Emily herself. But I know he was just being a good big brother.
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