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12/1/2017 c54 63general zargon
Alas, parting is such sweet sorrow. The pain of the ending is eclipsed only by the joy of the journey, and let it be said that I, at least, enjoyed the travels this story took me on. I feel a mild pang of regret at reading this epilogue, but I realize that if I hadn't, I would have always been left wondering. The only thing I have left to say is this: Thank you. Thank you for writing such amazing, engaging stories. I wish you the very best of luck on your writing. :)
11/7/2017 c54 derpysauce
Well fuck. I found this story of yours from years ago a few weeks ago. Its been a VERY long trip through two whole stories and man i don't know if i feel cheated sad, content or all of the above right now.

The original was a fun mostly light hearted story, but coming around to this one? Man come on. First amanthas neighbor killed. Then Selriona's son; so many chapters of him with amantha all from him being a whelp to years later and then his mother was forced to kill him.

I always have believed characters feel the most real when they are suffering, but after coming off of a train of suffering being forced to see amantha accept her death straight into the world burning with wraithion killing himself out of depression and alex being told that they potentially COULD have been saved? Dear god man why?

I doubt you will ever read this review considering the sure number of years it has been, but man well done. I wish you had just left the story unfinished leaving all readers hanging because I can not handle this ending.
2/25/2017 c54 Future Anon
so the date is Feb 26th 2017. I do not know if you will even see this review, but what the heck. I started reading CdW about two weeks ago and binged through it and Full Circle to now. Maybe you've heard this a thousand times, maybe you've never heard it before. So, from the random future anon, well done. I'll skip the customary additional praises. I've often found that the best of things in life help enrich those who are brave enough to partake of them, help better those who dare to face the challenge. I can honestly say that your stories have done that for myself as well as countless others. From inspiration, to depression, to friendship, and to loss, you have crafted a beautiful tapestry that brings realization and conclusion to every reader. So, with what may very well be the final review (though if I have my way I definitely will not be the last reader~), cudos and masterfully, exquisitely, emotionally, irrevocably...well done.
11/17/2016 c54 Vigris
I didn't bother registering on until now. I could've written something about 'no story was touching enough' or something like that, but I won't bother. I couldn't express it properly anyway, given that I am Ukrainian, my primary language is Russian (born in '88) and I bet I'd fail miserably trying to do so anyway.
It matters not. I've registered on FF three minutes ago.
I don't know whether I must hate you with the hatred of blazing corona of VV Cephei. I dunno whether I should spend the rest of my life in an asylum staring at one point without blinking. I honestly don't know.
What I know is that you've murdered a piece of me this day. Or rather, this morning. Night, even.
I was supposed to go to sleep ASAP, because today, on my Thursday, I'd have an extremely busy day. Several customs clearances at once, multiple orders to process, blah blah etc. Point is, my entire week was messed up and I rarely ever got the chance to sleep properly for the last eight days or so. I had an opportunity to catch some Z's by roughly 11 PM.
I only managed to stop reading at 05:35. And despite the horrible headache and tiredness, I was still awake by the time it was past 06 AM.

Nope, that still doesn't explain my point.
Well, I guess I DO fail at expressing my point of view. Problem is, I think I couldn't do it in my native language either.

I don't know whether I should hate you or not. Whether I should hate myself for reading C54 or not.
I know I should've withstood the urge to read it. I knew that I had to stop. I guess the ending of this story was 'set in stone' by the time you wrote C50. It was the "called it" type of ending.
I know for sure that if I could stop myself from reading the final chapter, I most definitely would.

The story itself was not what you'd call "spectacular" or "bestseller-class". Yes, it was amidst the 0.04% of the written fanfiction that is actually worth reading, but it was just that. Very good. Not outstanding. It was indeed The Best a fiction writer of your age could do, I must give you that. And if not for the C54, it would be just that, 'one of them worthwhile stories I've ever read on internets'.

You know what a puzzle is? The carton-printed picture that is being cut down to several hundreds or even thousands of pieces and you have to assemble them back into the full picture? Well, these two stories are not actually 3000-pce puzzles. More of a 100pce box. Not very complex. Easy to assemble.
The final piece, though?
It has nothing to do with the puzzle itself.
Your reference to the Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron is... I dunno.
If I'd be a drama type, I'd say something that 'Yogg himself should've given you this idea' or something like that. Which is bullshit, of course.
The final chapter has nothing to do with the story. It shouldn't be there.
Gods be witness, it should. I _had_ to read it to the very end. I hate myself for doing so. I wish I never did it. As I said before, it murdered a part of me. Not the "drama" of the ending, though, far from it. The feeling of absolute, undisputed, inevitable, permanent and final completion did.
All written stories have a degree of 'unfinished business'. Some people call it 'endings that are for the reader to imagine'. Literally all of them are prone to either happyend miserably or leave the future for the reader to decide indefinitely.
This one?
It is done.
Over and out.
And this feeling of "done" is, well screw this, it is scary.

I will refrain myself from evaluating the story as a whole.
I am a 28 year old derp from former USSR who spent five weeks of his lifetime reading these two stories. Several chapters a day, before its time to sleep. Yesterday I downed 22 chapters at once.
I don't know whether I should hate you or not. I definitely hate myself, though. Because I know that I will never again re-read these two stories, but I would absolutely read them again _for the first time_.

And as a person who spent over nine years of his life playing WoW, I think I KNOW why you decided to write them.
I will keep that knowledge to myself. I bet you understand why.

One final request, if I may.
Do NOT. Yes, I mean it. Do NOT write any maxi-sized stories about Warcraft universe in the future. Do not. I bet they'll be much better than your completed ones, I am pretty sure they would. But please.
Do not disturb the 'completeness'.
10/1/2016 c54 Reaper
Your last two chapters made me cry which i find impressive since the last time that happened was 15 years ago. The story is incredible and im proud to say I read it. And if you ever read this (which I'm assuming won't happen) know that this story (plus the prequel) take the cake you are the best writer with the best story I have ever seen in these 16 long years I have been on this site. Death never dies was good but it is nothing compared to this. And finally to end this review good luck in your next stories or novels or whatever else you imagine. Good luck.
7/16/2016 c54 Fruitcake123
This chapter broke me. The end of times. Alexstaz the lifebinder queen of the dragons alone. On a dead world about to be swallowed up. Thinking about being alone in a situation like this for millions of years after Wrathion suicided. My god thinking about it just screws me up so badly. Well played, I was hoping for a happy ending like Alagon taking Alex with him and my hopes went so drasticly high when we came in... But then he vanished and Alex was alone. My god did that break me. Like the damn in Cata I just fell apart. The feels still with me when I think about the end of the planet alone and thinking of the past. Damn. Well played... Wellllllllll played.
4/2/2016 c54 61Ihsan997
Thank you...thank you, thank you. You probably know why...I've written enough rambling reviews.

A lot of this makes sense now...why the legion and old gods had to die, so the world would be safe to meet its natural end. Once again, your sciencism shows - I can't remember where, but I once read an explanation of what would happen to earth, for example, a few billion years from now.

This was needed; this was necessary. The whole story. I like this one more than CdW, even though that was also good. The creativity here is top notch; couldn't have been done better and the way you planned the whole thing out before writing definitely paid off.

I wish you and your family all the best. For what it's worth, I'll stick around no matter what fandom you write in; I'll give anything a shot now. You rock.
4/2/2016 c53 Ihsan997
She came full circle. :(

She truly is one of the more ethically balanced heroines I've read. She could have lied, like Selra suggested, but she was ready. Samuel, Anna, Jason...she'll hopefully see them now.

That final battle across time was very sci fi, and that end scene really was heavenly. Professional level writing, and now I'm too sad to write more.
4/2/2016 c52 Ihsan997
I'm so ferklempt, I'm having a hard time writing a meaningful review when I know what's coming. Unless there's no epilogue to the story, the...incident occurs next. And technically, Amanthe already said goodbye to Selra before entering the caverns of time. This isn't the Selriona of her time. She should have closure. She wanted to see what the next life is like.

But this almost feels like a dead zone. The main conflict is over, and the world is safe. Selra seems to have accepted not flying, there are no old gods or legion, the scourge are contained...really, you set up the world in the best possible way for her. Amanthe knows the world will be a safe place, but she was the last of her bloodline and if she was that attached to Jason, she might not desire startinf over. She's ready.

I feel like I want to cry :(
4/1/2016 c51 Ihsan997
Oh my, I remember this so vividly! It's all happening again - Mariel, Droga's arm...but I get the feeling that you rewrote this. I'm on mobile so it's difficult to open both stories and compare, but the words seem different.

But when Elle's past self came at the end I was like oh, poor Amanthe...she's so brave, to willingly accepr the end. Was it bravery, or fatigue from living?
4/1/2016 c50 Ihsan997

I understand Amanthe's sentiment. You might have mentioned that before - humans and dragons are fundamentally different. We're not hard wired for immortality. Poor Amanthe is world weary.

Samuel died after they lost touch. Anna, the last of her bloodline, was brainwashed and then died. She had a daughter whom she had to watch die. Jason, who she might have been able to live with, died and left her as a war widow. Aside from Selra and Verthelion, she has nobody at all; her life is a series of loves ones passing away.

And that damn box is still there.

Why did she solve it? Was it really from 300 years of trying, or because the old god died and caused it to become easier or something? Either way...man, things are wrapped up. Every evil faction is gone, the world has a chance for peace if the global temperature could be raised. Everything is fine. Maybe that's part of why Amanthe found it easy to go?
3/31/2016 c49 Ihsan997
I'm going to try and be a grown up and not read on until tomorrow...I've already finished another section, it seems.

This is the best possible way to end that arc. By having Amanthe wake up so much later, we actually see the drastic changes a person involved wouldn't have noticed. Selra's weight it a strong indicator, as is the shamanic efforts. I guess they're ahead of Earth in that ability, but magic can't cure famine, thirst or environmental havoc, I guess. But...

...wait...Amanthe is alive. There are five chapters left...I have a feeling this last part is going to hurt.

Seriously, what is up with that goat?
3/31/2016 c48 Ihsan997
I don't know how, but I finished this chapter faster than most others its size without skimming. Or, maybe it did take that long and I just couldn't put it down. Either way, that was a wipe for the bad guys. The celestial battle was well done - this isn't the sort of thing that would simply be trading melee hits.

We're very close, though I don't find myself worried just yet - if anything, it seems like Amanthe is just knocked out here. But the world...they can't even see the sun from all the sulfur? Sargeras couldn't accept defeat like a dignified man should, but I'm actually less worried about the ending here and more worried about the climate change. The world could rebuild from the damage to their population and major cities, but as JD points out, of the 10 biggest threats to the real world, like 7 are related to climate change. How different is Azeroth?
3/31/2016 c47 Ihsan997
We watched Ian grow up from a whelp into this...one hell of a way to go, but seriously, I get what you mean now when you say that you planned all this out. This even tops Saltio's return. And hats off to Selra, because she did that without flight.

The Scourge...I like it! Demons vs. undead, we had a brief discussion about this. It makes sense that every power on the planet would join forces; they can return to their petty squabbles later. That was one hell of a save. But man, Selra must feel it all so heavy on her shoulders...she knows that it's time.
3/31/2016 c46 Ihsan997
The calm before the storm...they'll all need this time to rest up, I bet.

Selra is in such pain; this is even worse than her legs. How will she *not* say anything when the time comes? Are the bronze watching her closely at all times? Amanthe is ready, but it's different when you're just saying that, right?
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