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3/31/2016 c45 61Ihsan997
Last review of the say...your inbox will be safe for a time!

I'm struck by both consistency and cuteness here.

Consistency because Saltio wasn't just a passing villain; seriously, this was awesome in a way. Additionally, you don't forget that as a human, Amanthe's nature is fundamentally different from Selriona's. To Selra, 300 years is a short amount of time; but Amanthe is world weary. The human mind isn't designed for existing that long. It would make sense, for example, that Selra, or Elle or even the Lifebinder don't bat an eyelash at a millennium but Amanthe is like "meh...I'm ready."

Cuteness because even after Saltio was so awful after being corrupted, Amanthe didn't seem to hate her; she pitied her. She couldn't show mercy of course, but it was nice to see her at least try to have a cordial goodbye, even if Saltio didn't respond in kind.

And that plan...it seems to slick. Occam's razor usually tends to fail when magic is involved. But I guess that I'll have to wait until tomorrow!
3/31/2016 c44 Ihsan997
Hmm...this is looking so even that it's scary. I'm assuming that Naela is helping to predict where the Legion will strike? Or is Alganon capabl...no wait, he hasn't been there that long. But he's there, the Watchers are there, the Aspects are there, the whole world is heading there. The demons already killed on Hyjal were permakilled by crystals...right?

But at Ulduar...Amanthe noticed some of them not disintegrating. Why? That's odd...and the Old God is getting to Verthelion. Kiljaeden

Wait a minute, I might be giving spoilers to anybody who reads this. Anyway, very tense and engaging! Seriously, much of section 5 seems to be the final assault and I can't stop reading!
3/30/2016 c43 Ihsan997
This is another testament to good action writing; this wasn't even the full battle, and you pulled a full length, well written chapter out of it that wasn't simply a series of actions. This isn't just entertainment; the story is like a writing lesson.

Over a decade ago when I was in college (look at me dating myself), I once asked my astronomy teacher if one way of ending the universe would be black holes...if every star will sink into one, then won't they one day blanket the whole universe, preventing new planets from forming from gas and minerals? It's one potential scenario, isn't it?

Ironically I finished writing a short 5 chap story last night that involves galactic planet birth before I read this chapter...really only the last scene with Algalon here is close but it might have spawned more creative thinking. The part where his mere presence appears to give Amanthe ideas of how Azeroth will realistically end - burned naturally as its star burns out, like all planets eventually - was more awe inspiring than Silver Surfer kind of stuff. Not to detract from the battle, either, but that final scene was ironic for me. Or I read it at an ironic time, to be exact.
3/30/2016 c42 Ihsan997
Once again, the depth of the Warcraft universe comes into the spotlight. Blizzard is full of contradictions, but one thing they do handle masterfully is touching on so many genres. The Watchers are so techno and it made me grin despite the seriousness of the situation at hand. I honestly get a bad feeling if the Observer *does* arrive...wouldn't it be as likely to be an antagonist as a protagonist?

Naela is a treasure when her scaly behind isn't procrastinating. With all that time to sit and calculate, one would hope that her predictions about Kiljaeden's fall would be accurate. What worries me more, however, is not Sargeras because I feel that the Watchers can deny him any benefit from Ulduar. I'm personally worried about Ian at Hyjal.

Ok, last review for today. I'm sure that your inbox has been flooded enough.
3/29/2016 c41 Ihsan997
Awww Layalith...well, as I said before, if it's someone's time then it's best that they go out with a bang. She lived long and fast, she was a big part of the story, and she healed people in her final days. That little cutscene was like a movie, btw - very masterfully included.

Elven lifespans are frustrating. I might have mentioned that the most detailed discussion I've seen reached the conclusion that Blizzard's canon lore is so inconsistent that no official, single, agreed upon lifespan for either blood elves or post immortality night elves could be agreed upon. You've chosen 400 80human, it seems. Was that based on math?

And the Watchers...they might have hope for some headway yet! Naela is lazy, Selra is emo after seeing her mom, but the fight seems far from over. Can't stop reading!
3/29/2016 c40 Ihsan997
Omg...the moment I saw Ellemayne narrating this I was like...ahhh the title of this story! Poor Selra can't say anything either. And what a wipe! Poor Aruen and Orande, I quite likes them both.

Sargeras really planned his invasion well...hats off to him even if he's evil incarnate. But it's to be expected...you made a clever decision in letting this story span three centuries.

Sciency question. We obviously have an extinction event going in here; Ungoros eruption alone could be worse for Azeroth than Sargeras and the old god as a tag team. Massive climate change on the level of Earth dinosaurs...that honestly seems far worse than anything. But would volcanic ash in the air really create cement in the alleles of someone's lungs?

Also, the old gods subdued the elemental lords. I guess in Warcraft, each habitable planet would have its own set of elemental lords to keep everything balanced?
3/29/2016 c39 Ihsan997
Yeah...my one chapter a day rule is pretty much done with. It's like having an entire series on DVD: it's not going anywhere, and I can see it at my leisure, but the moment I put it down I feel like I'm missing out.

Undead Ian is mad powerful...but how? Verthelion didn't recognize him, which is for the better, but this is like dragonscourge: they don't just kill you, but assimilate you. And the old god...I thought the link was cut for their flight? Or am I remembering wrong?

I lile the fifth old god...that seems to widely be suggested by the community, and Blizzard's retcons don't help clarify anything. Sargeras is so close to Ulduar...I feel like he's going to get a titan construct body. This is so hopeless.

3/29/2016 c38 Ihsan997
Omg, Sargeras is like the final boss showing up before the final battle in a cutscene. Dang, I would have expected the sanctums to fall across several chapters...this was so fast that it feels inevitable. It's almost like, man, should I switch sides here? Lol...look at how fickle I am.

Sargeras still isn't invincible, as you show. He feels pain, his power is limited, he made the mistake of leaving his telepathic link open.

Dangit, I wrote this review, left the window open and got distracted for almost an hour. Let me try to continue.

Anyway, the drsgonflights seem deeply wounded...but I've learned that the twists in this story, however realistic, are tough to predict. I guess I'll have to read in before seeing what comes of this...
3/28/2016 c37 Ihsan997
Aaawwwwwww sssshhhheeeeeeeiiiittt

Malganis lied to Anna...the Legion never planned to pick a fight with the old gods...holy moly!

It makes sense...if Sargeras really wants to destroy Azeroth and move on to other worlds (since he does believe he's the good guy here), letting the old gods lord over it is basically letting them do the job. Now...I'm sure neither side necessarily likes the other one, right? He promised to destroy Nordrassil which would free this new old god you've dreamed up, but if Sargeras is smart, he might try to destroy the old god's weakened form first...if he doesn't, the old god is as likely to eat him as it will the Alliance and Horde.

But that doesn't matter for Azeroth. Crap, faceless ones and dreadlords marching side by side...and I forgot about that puzzle box! Oh man, is Amanthe going to solve it and cause some ripple effect? Was this old god manipulating her into keeping it for 300 years?

What is with that freaking goat!
3/28/2016 c36 Ihsan997
54 - 36 18? I'm terrible at math. Though I assume that there will be an epilogue, which stories this long tend to necessitate.

And this section...oh man. I'm guessing that this is the big one. Sargeras and Kiljaeden seem really focused on the old gods...now that I think of it, they might have a bigger problem with each other than with Azeroth's heroes (re: your musings on Yogg Saron's thoughts about the Legion after observing them). The will to dominate vs. the will to destroy. What sort of weird bedfellows...

And again, you guestimate Azeroth's development so well. Aircraft appeared in old school games, even back in W2 in the form of zeppelins, so it makes sense that gyrocopters would evolve after 200 years. And the cold war...that had me in stitches.

But Ian...oh boy, basically he's like a frost wyrm but twilight. Amanthe didn't have to face Anna, but if Ian is a commander, I have a feeling that Selra will have to face him. That's even more evil than breaking her legs.
3/28/2016 c35 Ihsan997
It's strange...as has happened before, I find myself sad at Ian's fate, but not terribly so. If it's somebody's time to go, what better and more badass way than actually hurting Sargeras and proving that he isn't invincible? Even if he just hurt him a little like Broxigar did, I like how you don't portray Sargeras as a trump card. Kiljaeden would have died or teleported out earlier if he'd faced Verthelion alone, Verthelion couldn't literally fight Kiljaeden the army all by himself. This is a much more realistic portrayal.

And in the end, Ian made the most rational choice. It was obviously not a light one in his final moments, but that's the truth. The real tragedy is that they seemed to be just a few minutes late...that's just the part that must really burn. It makes sense as well, though; the Legion truly did take every precaution, and it's amazing that the group even saved Selra. (After the demons BROKE HER LEGS, WHY COINCIDENCELESS WHY)

What Sargeras said is true; I think Aegwynn only fought his avatar and not himself. I know 90% of my predictions have been false, but guessing is part of the excitement of reading...did Malganis tell the truth about seeing the old gods as they key to destroying Azeroth and enacting Sargeras' plan of recreating a new universe from scratch? Anna died without Amanthe getting the chance to recognize her, holy moly, you fit details into every nook and cranny. And how will this tie in to time travel, so Amanthe can sadly come around full circle? (I get the title, now!)
3/27/2016 c34 Ihsan997
Here I am breaking my one chapter a day rule for days on end...a testament to how engaging this story is!

Naela is a treasure. She's almost like a supercomputer, except not accessible at all times and she probably doesn't have solitaire. Anyway, she's encouraging them to hurry, probably more to stop Sargeras than to save herself and Selra (though the two goals seem sligned now). I'm still perturbed by this Legion-Hammer connection, though...are Twilight cultists really that ignorant? There aren't any faceless to help them? From what I understand, a single faceless one would be able to sense any demonic or other infiltration, they haven't helped at all?

Anyway, I guess that I have to wait and see. I've never seen Verthelion in action since he became the Aspect; it will be interesting to see if he duels Kiljaeden. But even the Legion must have a backup plan. So many questions...
3/27/2016 c33 Ihsan997
Let me temper my review - other people might check these, and I don't want to give spoilers but OMG WTAF

Okay, so I guess breaking her legs wasn't even that bad (imagine someone reading that out of context). I'm not surprised that this was in an office doc because holy schnikes...the empty iron vrykul, a bunch of brainwashed Light users, a silence spell for everything except stuff Selra specifically can't use, the perfect Twilight dragon candidate, waiting 200 FRICKING YEARS to plan that stuff...

*takes deep breath*

...waiting for the factions to get dumb and aggressive to each other, choosing Anna who's a grandma and Amanthe's relative, and Amanthe has a link to Selra...I get the feeling that the Legion WANTS Verthelion to come.

Bravo. If I wore a hat, I'd take it off. Seriously, if you don't enjoy drawing, I have half a mind to illustrate this on DA. This is BETTER than what Blizzard writes because they can't pen a coherent story.

But...Blackmarrow (who got what he deserved). The Legion sees the old gods as their enemy, and might have figured that if they can kill Nordrassil, they can kill old gods, if they kill old gods then they kill Azeroth, and I'm sure Malgabis might not even see himself as evil so much as serving Sargeras. But I don't think they can kill the old gods...unless...ok even after this chapter, you're still hiding something, aren't you?
3/26/2016 c32 Ihsan997
Okay...okay...okay...dear Coincidenceless: WTF

I know you said they'd all suffer greatly in this story, but wtf! Dear god, the scene where Blackmarrow catches Selra was like that movie Hellraiser. Spiked chains digging into her flesh? A bunch of crazy floating demons draining her energy? Her legs WHY DID THEY HAVE TO BREAK HER LEGS WHY

Okay, crying over. Now for the regular review. This is...big. Really, really big. The Legion infiltrated *every* Twilight Hammer camp? The Hammer was just clueless? Why? That makes it two hundred years, why haven't the Hammer caught on? What's the iron vrykul for? These artifacts? And how did they catch on to Amanthe and Selra? Unless...they wanted to lure Verthelion onto Argus in order to weaken the dragonflights?

The Lifebinder is corrupted by an old god...that can't be a coincidence, can it? Are the Legion and the old gods working together, just using Hammer cultists as pawns?

(No pressure for direct answers - the fact that you keep me guessing means this is one hell of a baddass story)
3/26/2016 c31 Ihsan997
Hmm, was this written before the end was planned? The end note says it's almost done, but there are still over 20 chapters to go (which makes me excited...the plot moves so fast that literally all of this could be turned upside down soon). And I'm hearing the Ghostbusters theme song in my head again. Idk why, I just get giddy when they're going undercover to bust up corruption rings.

So with this latest time skip, a lot has happened. I'm guessing that Migjan is dead, and maybe Layalith too, from old age. Possibly Anna over on Argus, which means that Amanthe's bloodline continues as brainwashed Legion priests. Orande is alive, but if nelves got immortality back so much later than the Battle of Mount Hyjal, are Tyrande and Furion alive? If not, that would leave the dragon aspects as the only surviving world leaders since Akama also died. Oh wait, I guess Velen. Life goes on and even the Twilight flight seems to have fallen comfortably into a routine of busting demons, and routine is never good for preparation.

And awwww Amanthe married Jason and gave him the immortality spell! But...they had a daughter? Who died? Seriously?
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