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3/25/2016 c30 61Ihsan997
Whew...okay, maybe there won't be a time skip just yet, because it seems there's so much to be done in the here and now. Seriously, this is some heavy storyweaving.

I'm thrilled and worried. I'm thrilled that you've added so much that's your own creation yet also in line with canon lore, like a new old god beneath ZG and stuff. But I'm worried because this future Azeroth you've written is so ripe for a hardcore Legion invasion.

Omg omg omg I just had an idea and I'm not even done with my review: if the last old god dies, the world will end...so the Legion wants to kill the last old god?

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled review. The stupid Alliance and Horde war, plus their internal political and financial corruption you showed, means they have no idea what's coming for them (its also very clpse to my own future version of Azeroth in stories I haven't posted yet - creative minds think alike?). It's been a long, long time since Amanthe lives forever, so people are forgetting about the Cataclysm and all that jazz. And worst of all, the dragonflights are busy. As much as I'd like to see an old god vs. Legion smackdown, I have a feeling that this will just be the Legion pouncing during a factional war.

The World Tree worries me, too...all the blessings are on one location? What if Kiljaeden pulls an Archimonde and focuses all his efforts on destroying that one tree? And why did nelves get immortality back but nobody else got it? Though now I understand why, when speaking to Orande (oh shit did she die on Argus?), Selra referred to the others as mortals. Idk...I get the feeling that you're planning for a perfect, catastrophic invasion.
3/25/2016 c29 Ihsan997
This is another chapter that got me stressed out while reading it. Not because I hated the bad guys so much as because I honestly worried for Amanthe. We know that she must survive to the end, but that doesn't mean that her life has to be a happy one; I honestly worried the Legion might recapture her. Even for Selra...Amanthe will save her past self. Doesn't that mean that her current self could still die before the story ends?

And then, you once told me that I have no idea how much they will suffer yet. We're only halfway through the story, and the ending here smells like another time skip coming. What more can you put them through?

Anna was kidnapped, but her parents are with her. I don't mean to be a jerk, but she's so young that she might not understand what's happening except that her parents came back to her, they'll live with her in a place where she never has to worry about food or a warm bed...she's theoretically okay if her young mind just represses the memory of demons chasing them, right?

3/24/2016 c28 Ihsan997
The draenei sure did have one hellish trip across the cosmos! Seriously though, even for teleportation, the sheer time and distance covered would be astronomical. In the literal sense, in this case.

They really are reaching the end of their rope, here. Nalea (I don't know what the best nickname would be) is helpful as I guess is reasonable...though the four day waiting period before the jump still feels a bit tenuous. So much could go wrong before then, and even if Selra knows that Amanthe must survive now to die later, that doesn't mean that she can necessarily save the others.

And the two possibilities for the Legion's plans...I haven't read all of your stories, but I'll venture an early guess now and state that the reality will probably be neither of those two possibilities.
3/23/2016 c27 Ihsan997
Eeee3e Amanthe and Jason sitting in a tree! That's what the Legion wants, though, right? For them to grow closer to one another? She should be fighting that feeling...right?

They can hear them...can the Legion also see them? Then they'd know that Amanthe can make them temporarily disappear...I don't want my hopes to get too high yet.

Seriously though, at least they have a plan; sentient, mortal minds might possess a drive that demons might not. Do you suppose that the demons have free will in the sense that we do? Or are they just like intelligent in terms of brain power but in terms of the ability to pass independent judgment and choice (like choosing to not be evil for example)?
3/22/2016 c26 Ihsan997
Well...I suppose *something * had to happen. This is in reference both to Amanthe confessing to Jason just who she is, and Selra trying to world hop without the aid of a ship.

In Selra's case, we really do see that Warcraft is hard to pin into one genre. The lore of humans vs. orcs is very much medieval fantasy, then gnomes vs. goblins is steampunk. The draenei, however, are sci fi; we know they planet hopped, and I suppose that you're just showing the logical conclusion one could draw from the fact that planets eventually crumble into barren wastelands. This is almost like Interstellar with dragons instead of Matthew McConaughey.
3/21/2016 c25 Ihsan997
Whew...wow. alright, I got interrupted for an hour while writing this, and forgot an important question I wanted to ask. And after a chapter like that, there are a lot.

First of all, are you a science major? The mentions of green moss returning first, of an ecosystem developing in a circle of life, as well as other stories implies an important and refreshing attention toward realism in storytelling that Blizzard ignores, what with their in game version of Azeroth that's only 15 miles in circumference.

Second: I very, VERY strongly disagree with Jason. Sheltering Anna was the right thing to do, and let's face it, you as a writer came up with one hell of a story. Even if Amanthe knew that something was up with the Legion, that doesn't mean that anybody could have predicted that Light wielders would be forced into a demonic season of Big Brother. He came off as a jackhole at the end there.

But then the voice...Selra told Ian about a possible new old god in Stranglethorn. And that voice...that's an old god whisper...on Argus?

Amanthe kept the puzzle box...did it follow her? Will the old gods try to conquer Argus? Because I would literally shit my pants from the epicness of that.
3/19/2016 c24 Ihsan997
Aww, well, I'm sure I'm not the only one spazzing out over this story, so the feels and thanks are mutual all around. You must have a series of notecards or an entire notebook where you kept track of all of these plot developments, right?

Anyway, Selra seems to have calmed down enough to know that Amanthe must survive Argus in order to die in the future. Is there a chance of that bring retconned by the Bronze as part of the story, though?
3/17/2016 c23 Ihsan997
Selra is coming, Amanthe! (I feel like I'm yelling at a cinema screen)

The Legion wants to breed them, which reminds me of zerg. Maybe they want Light wielders because...they can defend them from other Light wielders? Or go totally undercover, whereas Malganis was still detected by Amanthe?

Well I could probably speculate all day and still not get it. I see why Amanthe Ian wouldn't have worked out.

Waiting to see what comes next!
3/15/2016 c22 Ihsan997
I had a feeling, during the last chapter, that things were too good to be true...

...so to recap: we saw Amanthe die on Mount Hyjal during time travel. Now, that might be...preventable, somehow? Or not, but either way, she's destined to escape Argus...right? Or not? We're only halfway through, but to infiltrate the Legion capitol is the kind of thing that really could consune more than 10 chapters. Unless there's a curveball in there thats just going to catch me totally off guard.

Layalith! Even elves age, but it's nice to see that she's still alive and kicking.
3/9/2016 c21 Ihsan997
This reminded me of ghostbusters for some reason. That song kept playing in my head as Amanthe was curing the high elf in the bar.

One thing to note is that the quality of your writing is better here than it was at the very beginning of the last story. The part where Amanthe tries to meditate atop the tower was especially expressive and well written.

She gets to see her family members again, enjoys her hometown..this can't last. For sure something is looming...but is it the Legion, the old gods...a faceless one corrupted by the Legion? Could that even happen?
3/8/2016 c20 Ihsan997
For the first time on this site, I actually took notes in preparation for writing a review. My comments and questions are as follows:

1. Holy crap another half century passed! I have to say, I'm enjoying this and it isn't just due to character attachment. It truly is engaging to swe what's happened in Azeroth's dystopian future. I wrote a few stories like this myself (they won't be posted until 2019) and I'm really into what you have going here; it's incredible worldmaking despite being in an established fandom. Awesome job.

2. Amanthe regretted immortality for the first time...honestly, my thoughts were hers at the end of the first act; what could be so bad? I guess that losing her loved ones is part of it...but can she protect herself by associating only with dragons and draenei and viewing everyone else like terminally ill patients? Or is she destined to grow world weary?

3. Selra has a 2nd mate? What? Oh no, is Verthelion dead! Plz don't make me wait!

4. Aaahhhh Ian got married! But what about Amanthe? Is there room for that in the life of an immortal dragonsworn? Does she have long term friends?

5. What ever happrned to the creepy seven eyed goat?

6. Her nightmare looked like old god tentacles destroying the world, but old gods want to dominate...and aren't the Legion exploiting the old gods here? What's going on?

7. Would you consider joining Deviant Art? It's better for communication untied to specific chapters and I don't know anynody else who would be interested in debating who'd win in old gods vs. Legion or my ideas about undead demons (it's possible, it's got to be!).

8. Thanks for this story!
3/7/2016 c19 Ihsan997
Aww Ian said goodbye...I almost felt like he took Sam's place for a while. And Sam...it makes sense that Amanthe would lose touch since time would matter less to her, and she was freaking busy. But damn, only one night to see each other again? Necessary for the story, but cold I'm sure.

I have a feeling that if Amanthe threw that box away, she'd randomly find it in her house again. Her suspicions make sense...she might not want to be so fast as to dismiss them. It's an old god artifact, after all.

I was thinking at the last chapter: Kiljaeden got what he wanted...the act must be done. And here it is. Very, very appropriate time skips; bravo! This is the rare epic story that isn't simply a self indulgent tale where everybody ends up okay in the end. I found this entire arc so exciting and I absolutely can't wait to see more!
3/6/2016 c18 Ihsan997

Fuuuuuuuuucccckkkkkk uuuuuuuuuu Whiiiirllgoooo

Omg i hate that little gnome! I honestly think you've created a character that I hate more than all others. What a slippery bar of soap in a shower of lemon juice. I hope Kiljaeden turns him into a demonic doorstopper.

P.S. was that actually Kiljaeden?
3/5/2016 c17 Ihsan997
Akama has fallen! The really cool thing about a story that follows lore but is set in the future is the autonostalgia factor. I remember fighting across Outland alongside him...those were the days. We truly are in a different world here - 60 years on from the first act, which I'm guessing would have been close to the time of the Pandaria expansion.

It very well might be too late...but I'm guessing that we find out in the very next chapter.
3/2/2016 c16 Ihsan997
Wth Orande! Seriously wth lol

Idk why but this entire chapter kept me laughing. There was action and destruction and I don't know if it was intended to be comedy, but the whole time Ibwas wondering why Orande wouldn't have mentioned this detail before. And of all things, why a pit lord? I'm not asking that myself so much as it's a question Amanthe ought to pose to Orande. If she's so skilled, can't she get along by just keeping something less apocalyptic inside of her?

Anyway, screw that freaking gnome. We need to see what Aruen has planned.
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