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3/1/2016 c15 61Ihsan997
Aaahh I miss Outland...it was one of my favorite parts of the W3 expansion, and seeing it 80 years from now is fun. I have no doubt that it really would still be a hellish place by then.

I also like how you contrast demonic and old god corruption; it makes perfect sense. Demons enjoy slaughter and mayhem, and just like to destroy. The brighteat flame burns quickest; one could imagine demonic corruption advancing quickly but also being defeated easily (though causing tons of damage on the way out) and possibly causing the incidental death of the corrupted victim. Old gods, probably very subtle...almost not noticeable but more complete, more irriversible, and not even being revealed until it's so late that saying it's too late would be like "well, duh."

I'm shipper trash. I'm so, so sorry but it has to be asked...Amanthe and Ian?
3/1/2016 c14 Ihsan997
One thing I'm amazed by is your ability to make the mundane entertaining. Had I written this, I most likely would have turned their trip from Stormwind to the Dark Portal into two paragraphs. Here, you actually turned it into a little mini adventure where we not only see how Amanthe and Ian (I like that nickname) interact with one another but also see a little bit more about the world they live in. Hat's off to you for the ability to do that.
2/28/2016 c13 Ihsan997
Eee I love Orande! Weird characters in the middle of normal ones are always such a joy. Though I'm almost sad about Kolkna. She wasn't a particularly likeable person, at least from my view, but she tried to do what she thought was right.

But you make a very real point, there: Amanthe is functionally immortal. People from her past will continue to disappear from old age. It's like those movies where a person must move on throughout the ages. She has the flight to keep her company, but still, you made a strong point to demonstrate how time has gone on.
2/27/2016 c12 Ihsan997
Awww, so sorry! That happened to me once and the second version if the chapter will always lack the magic and quality of the first. My solution was to multiply saving spots: I write a chapter in my icloud, then copy paste it into online file storage and my external hard drive at the same time. It only takes a few seconda to do that and when it's time to upload into fanfiction, I just use the document. Don't become a victim!

Amanthe, you are *so* tempting fate. I almost thought hey, they met this dude Aruen so now we have the main cast, but...well, 54 chapters. If the first story was any indication, then you'll likely put us all through more than one roller coaster by the end.
2/26/2016 c11 Ihsan997
I'm really happy that you found my profile so I could find yours. It's rare to find someone lore conscious but logical about it, and also up to date (since I only played the old school games, WoW vanilla and then for the release of WoD). For your regular stories within the time span of the game expansions, it was thrilling to read.

For these stories beyond the scope of the games it's even better. You take existing lore and fill in the gaps logically, like with that Yogg Saron oneshot which I'm still gushing over. And I see what you mention here:

Truthfully, very little happened between WotA and Warcraft 1. Ten thousand years of no interplanetary invasions; just localized wars in the Eastern Kingdoms.

I often wonder...since Warcraft 3 up to Legion now, most timelines (the official one stopped in 2010) seem to consider roughly only ten years to have elapsed. Even if we double that and say 20 elapsed...I mean, holy crap, that's even worse than all the wars and refugee crises in the real world right now. How does the world go from 10k years of quiet to this?

That's part of why your summary here makes more sense now...the Scourge, Burning Legion and Twilight Hammer go quiet, leaving the people of Azeroth to letty squabbles again. And none of them seem to expect a crisis except for Amanthe and Selra's flight...I'm in love with the presentation of the world here!
2/26/2016 c10 Ihsan997
Eeeeee happy dance happy dance

I'm not the only one who makes stories far into the future of Azeroth! I haven't posted them yet but I did them and felt self conscious...I guess I'm not the only one!

And half a century! I find this so much fun because the current game lore becomes a blip in the history books...you're still in Warcraft, but freer to create your own elements of the world as you go along. I have no doubt you're going to slap us in the face with some awesome.

You mentioned multiple skips before, I think...is it possible for me to ask how many sections there are total without having the story spoiled?

And poor Selra...she knows where this is leading and can't say anything. Amanthe is so happy and excited...now let me do my sad dance.
2/25/2016 c9 Ihsan997
Wow...I actually found myself getting angry during the final battle. Which means you succeeded as a writer by getting me involved, but wow. I already hate Malganis from Warcraft III and this makes me hate him even more. When that felguard tossed the artifact through the portal instead of just freaking dying, I felt my blood pressure rise and I don't even know what the hell that crystal is supposed to do.

Also, any sympathy I had for Saltio is *gone*. I just hope Amanthe kills her to spare Breorn from doing it.

Bravo; this was a long chapter and it was extremely engaging the whole time, less like a clinical description of action and a lot more passionate.
2/24/2016 c8 Ihsan997
Lol "this isn't a fantasy novel"

Most of my Warcraft experience is with Warcraft III; from what I remember, dreadlords are sort of the fandoms versions of vampires (as actual vampirism doesn't seem to exist in Warcraft) and are basically like Nosferatu type supervillains. So it would make sense that the plan would be more than simply killing some people; good job of giving absolutely no hints as to what the Legion would actually want.

And good work on the identity! The Legion created the Scourge in WIII before losing control of them totally; but to my knowledge, there was never a Legion-Hammer connection in game. That's an awesome, if terrifying, conflict that I sense brewing.
2/23/2016 c7 Ihsan997
Ok, so as a general rule dreams tend to matter in your stories, so...starry robe and blue then red Zeus type of dude...I'm stumped. Is this someone from in game, or is it an original nightmare dude?

I'm excited for the spying...worried about what will become of Saltio, but excites for spying on the snooty paladin.

Really though, what stops a priest or a paladin frok becoming corrupted? There's so much evil in the world...I hope that Amanthe isn't about to get a terrible surprise.
2/22/2016 c6 Ihsan997
Ok, I have Qs about the chapter and in general. Yes, always.

So Nil Sigma is corrupted by the Legion, and the Legion is using the Hammer. But Saltio has begun to turn corrupt...by the Hammer, right? So it's too late for her due to old god corruption, but so far only Sigma is affected by demons. Is that correct?

And about both sides. The old gods are pure evil, but...maybe a bit primitive? They're articulate speakers, but if all they live for is fear and hate, then are they truly intelligent? Are they even sentient?

The Legion are evil but they're like invaders...convert or fall, right? So they're definitely intelligent, and sentient, and driven by conscious and informed choice whereas the old gods are almost instinctual and reactive, like forces of nature...is that accurate?
2/20/2016 c5 Ihsan997
Nil Sigma is bad news...I wonder if he's possessed? Or something worse in disguise? Either way, they seem to be preparing for a serious invasion.

It's kind of cute that she wants to help Saltio even though they don't know each other. Learning to deal with another...country, I guess, for the sake of the greater good must be a real growing experience for her.

No nightmares. Maybe they're just random, but I have a feeling that a lot more will be clear in the twilight realm.
2/19/2016 c4 Ihsan997
Dang, she's right in the thick of it! I need to keep that in mind when writing: the story shouldn't drag on too long before getting into the thick of the plot. This is heating up nice and early.

I'm wondering, though: who are these people serving since Deathwing is gone? Is it an old god commanding them directly? I recognize that device as an in game old god thing. I wasn't playing during that time but I assume you were...the thing is wicked cool (in an evil sort of way).

And what is it with Amanthe and all the nightmares? Poor girl.
2/18/2016 c3 Ihsan997
Dang that was fast! Getting right to work isn't surprising in a world without W4s and social security forms, but already happening upon a cultist...and why was Rosfon hurt by shadow magic at the clinic if he's one of the cultists? Had he undergone an initiation ritua

Actually I'm speculating too much. Guess I'll have to accept the suspense...
2/17/2016 c2 Ihsan997
This chapter was like a sigh of relief. Obviously Amanthe is out of her element and babysitting a whelp, and technically can't actually understand anybody around her. All things considered, though, it was a smooth transition.

But the biggest crises are the ones nobody sees coming...right?
2/16/2016 c1 Ihsan997
Well, I started reading this hours ago and was hit by a rather bizarre barrage of distractions. But anyway, we really do have a story about Amanthe! I think it's pretty cool that you have this continuum where Selra, our previous protagonist, gets to retire and be the big mama but we still see the same group of characters grow and develop.
But Amanthe is going to die...she knows twilight magic, so she's halfway to the process. Just like how Naela hides from Selra the fact that some of the flight are resentful, Selra is forced to hide Amanthe's death during a time warp...I'm worried about the ultimate end and excited at the same time.
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