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5/22/2015 c1 deleted account 11037
Holy- that is sad and very well written. This book is absolutely amazing and the poem you added for it just made it even more amazing.
11/13/2013 c1 kaitlyn.baiarrio
could u do a fan fiction about max falling in love with Kevin (freak) pwetty pweeeeese
10/2/2013 c1 14i'm awesome at singing
I'm crying now
9/26/2012 c1 Ali Baba and her 40 Thieves
That's actually really good for a first post! I don't write entry, but I say that you did great with this poem!
7/20/2012 c1 Sayithowitis-98
For your first fanfic this is amazing. I haven't read very many yet but this definitely inspired me:)
5/27/2012 c1 41Legend of Derpy
It is a very interesting, nice poem. A gentle ring goes with it. However, for the love of God, spell check your description.
4/5/2012 c1 23Rose Melissa Ivashkov
I don't even know about this book? Or series, but the poem is exciting. It has a lot of imagery and all these cool poetic devices. Nice job.!

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