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for The Irkens of the Opera of Doom

9/20/2013 c2 angela.dickson.18
are you going to make more of this story it's very good please make more of this chapters please.
6/2/2013 c2 8CatGirlFireflare
Oooh, wow neat! I hope you can soon make more chapters. This is great! Fantastic how you got all of those words/lyrics from the fist scene, but Invader Zim style; sort of random and rude-Irken-ish. Really clever, interesting, and funny! Brava, brava, bravissima, hyuman-brain-smart author-being!
3/19/2013 c2 1Psycho-ninja-waffle-bandit
Wow to think someone else came up with this idea. Please update, I'd really like to see how you'd do it.
8/5/2012 c2 spax99
Neat story, I hope to read more soon!

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