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8/16/2013 c9 1blackrose187
Plz update soon am kind of mad at rose because she will not let dimitri in the boys lifes even thought hes really trying...yea...plz update soon i like this story alot :)
8/16/2013 c9 Kitty
Loved it! Please update asap!
8/2/2013 c8 1monai93
plz continue love it!
8/1/2013 c8 5Dimitria.ang
Wow! I am so glad you starte to re write this story! I would have never found it other wise! Please update as soon as possible! I love this story !
8/1/2013 c8 1RussianWeasleyLover
OMG love this story! Please keep updating!
8/1/2013 c8 Guest
I'm really confused it keeps saying that this story has been updated yet it hasn't.
8/1/2013 c8 Dimka's chick
No New chapters Have Been Uploaded? What Is Going On?
8/1/2013 c8 Sonnensilberhauch
I'm a new reader and your story is so great. I love those two sweet boys so much and Dimitri is so a lovely father. I hope that their family life change soon and that there will be a happy end soon because I want the boys know who their father is! Great story update soon!
8/1/2013 c8 aj davis
Keep going this is great
8/1/2013 c8 Kitty
This is the third time this story has said its been updated but it hasnt gained any new chapters. Whats going on?
7/31/2013 c8 guest
don't ever stop keep it coming i'm a new reading i'm going through ur fiction and i can't wait for the next update. I felt really sad for Dimitri in the last chapter. Update sooooooooon :)
7/31/2013 c8 Guest
I'm confused, did you just re upload the last 7 chchapters?
7/29/2013 c8 4GoNeRoGuE98
LMAO ... poor Abe can't handle his own grandchildren. It's so sad that Dimitri had to comfort his son who didn't even know he was in the arms of his father. Really enjoying this so far so I hope you continue to write it! Can't wait till Rose finds out that Dimitri knows about his sons. Update soon!
7/28/2013 c8 3LostLoveFound
I love it
7/27/2013 c8 4Megan2000
Please finish reading soon I really want this story to continue.
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