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7/27/2013 c8 Anonymous
PLEASE update!
7/27/2013 c8 1RosaSanctus
pretty cool. interested in seeing where this goes...
7/27/2013 c8 Jace101
I love hathaways and these one have spunk I tell you. I love this story!
7/27/2013 c8 Kitty
Loved it! Please update asap!
7/27/2013 c8 Guest
this is the best dimitri leaves rose story i ever read. its different from the others and i just love the kids, they are like mini rose
7/27/2013 c8 gracedallas2012
wow well this is really really sad it's made me want to cry in fact i did cry some at all of this. i hope they can all just be together as a family even if it is a little tough and i hope the boys will understand in time. Great job and details with a lot. Keep it up! Good Luck!
2/9/2013 c9 bboops22
i hope some one wil adoped this story soon
7/31/2012 c9 shadow-kissed angel
XD love the story! One of my fav Dimitri left rose stories . they boys are just so adorable! Like I can't think of anythin cuter than twin boys . well can you like post who adopts the story or sumthin plz?
4/7/2012 c8 ComradeInLOVE
That's bad news. I hope you are all right, and wish you the best. Hope you can write and do what you love soon.

Good luck!
4/3/2012 c8 2misswinterjayne
hope you get better soon
4/2/2012 c8 xsisi
get well soon :)
4/2/2012 c8 6theroguebirdy
oh well I hope u feel better soon! :):):):)
4/2/2012 c8 carmenl03
Hope you feel better soon!
4/2/2012 c8 nammie
Hope you feel better soon.
4/2/2012 c8 4Olivia Williams
hope you feel better soon take care
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