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2/21 c1 9PatriciaF
Very Cute! You have their personalities spot on! Even helpful Lindsay... it would be exactly something she would do. Nicely done!
11/27/2013 c1 97tinka1976
Your story compelled me because of the situation you describe, any woman who ever dated a guy can relate to it. It's not a long story but it's got real plot and message, and the way you write your characters they're easy to imagine and recognize. Also, your language is lively and vivid, and I enjoyed translating your story very much. Thank you :)
7/18/2013 c1 6Daisy1966
Aw! This is amazing, Lily! I love kind of bossy Jess here. Flack should know that he can't compete with his girlfriend. :D The conversation between these two were hilarious, comical and gave me a good number of chuckles. :D It's very enjoyable to see a mischievous side of Jess and Flack being like putty in her hands - kinda childlike. (but so cute! :) He deserved to be treated like this that he wore the scarf his ex had bought for him. That's exactly against the rules of dating. That Stella simply laughed, thrown an understanding look at Jess was more than understandable and it's just like her. :D

What I thought most interesting here was that they were thinking something other than work even in the midst of the crime scene. This was what we could never see on the show, and it amused me so much! You captured each character so well and humanly, made them more fascinating.

Uh...it was unlucky for Jess that Lindsay got the scarf back for Flack, even though Lindsay was completely innocent. :D Oh! I should have known better that Jess would never give her plan up. LOL!

This is amazing! You are awesome, Lily! I enjoyed and love this one shot! Thank you so much for this fantastic story! :)
3/4/2013 c1 11sass box
I've been on a bit of a Flack kick recently, and since I just watched the episode where she dies, this makes me so happy. They're so adorable and you've captured Jess's mischievous side perfectly. Besides, who could blame her? Flack did break The Rules. That man seems to have an affinity for fugly accessories.
12/27/2012 c1 44irishgirl9
This is a cute story!
11/30/2012 c1 25Myriad-13
I first read this while on the bus to uni for my first exam and it was delightful to read and gave me a chuckle that helped to ease the tension I had been feeling. You play Don and Jess so organically that instantly I'm involved in the storyline and in Jess's slight possessiveness over Don (lol, he's such a dork for not really knowing 'the Rules'). I so enjoyed her plotting and her distain for the scarf. Using Lindsay was perfect as a tool for getting the scarf back to Don for one final showdown of Jess vs. That Damn Scarf.

Cute! Loved it.
4/26/2012 c1 9IsBreaLiomCSI-NY
Loved it! Great to see that childlike side of Flack, like in Season 1 when he asked Stella if she had a "piece of candy in the glovebox". Also it's good to see stories with Angell still surfacing. I think she's a character that offers a lot to work with in terms of writing. Anyway I hope you get inspired to churn out a Flack/Angell fic every so often!
3/24/2012 c1 12Forest Angel
Sorry for the delay sending this. Read it a couple of weeks ago during my lunch break, but couldn't review at the time.

Loved Flack in this, I could imagine his whining and him pouting! Could picture Jess too. Lindsay was a good friend, perhaps Jess should have taken her into her confidence about the ex-girlfriend's present though.

A great story, you should write Don and Jess more often.
3/22/2012 c1 24Curleyswife3
Hello! I read this story with pleasure: smooth, funny, tender. You are talented!Un bacio. Corinna
3/17/2012 c1 9Max and Dakota
I still love Flack and Angell. Thanks so much for bringing this to us!
3/17/2012 c1 54suallenparker
Thanks for posting this story! I still think it's hilarious. How Don pouts is just too cute and I love how sneaky Jessica is to get rid of his scarf. I can't believe she spilled chocolate on it! That was also very funny.

I still think, that Jess now will have learned to tell Lindsay about her plans, so Lindsay won't bring back everything Jess just got rid of. :D

Thanks again for sharing this with me and you're very welcome for my help. Especially because "helping" you always means I get to read your stories even before you post them!

Love and hugs from your friend that should be writing herself now. ;)
3/9/2012 c1 jessicaflack
I love the story!
3/8/2012 c1 36Runner043
Hey, Lily. Thanks for bringing us some more Flangell!

Maybe Danny should give Flack his copy of the rule book, since he's married now. Apparently Flack has lost his copy.
3/8/2012 c1 2CreggaFoeseeker
:) Angell. Sneaky. Good work.
3/7/2012 c1 171Crowded Angels
You know I love this :) I like the changes too, Flack's man-flu episode is hilarious and I can juat see Jess rolling her eyes but smirking at his petulant attempt for sympathy. Bless! And the realisation striking Lindsay is excellent haha

great job! :)
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