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for Special Agent Chloe Gibbs

4/25/2014 c10 20Gothic Rain
I can't believe Chloe's forgiving them so easily after they left, it's too fast. The story/plot is still good and I love the Gibbs - Chloe moments. It's a good father - Daughter relationship.
10/21/2013 c9 Chloe Gibbs
its a good chapter. please continue this book before i die from not finishing it (never not finished a book b4). you could maybe write more about that wierd black ghosty thing in the next part as we now know that it killed the lady (insert her name here) and we want to know what happens to it and whether chloe tori simon and derek end up being proper friends again. and do the gang stay with chloe or do they leave her again like at the beginning of the story
10/9/2013 c10 Guest
Shut I hate it when I accidently review without finishing
So I really like the story and I m really hoping Derek will just kiss Chloe cause there meant to b and I would really like u to finish it
10/9/2013 c10 Guest
No no no bad writer more
8/13/2013 c10 6PiptheSnake
I don't know what advice i could give you; i'm horrible at that sorta thing... please find a way to unblock you writers block
8/13/2013 c9 PiptheSnake
Oh, bedroom arrest reminded me; that little girl is Gibbs' daughter, isn't she?

lol, this is cool; i wanna be a necromancer! *whines like a little girl*
8/13/2013 c8 PiptheSnake
oh no; not good (the event, not the story)
8/13/2013 c7 PiptheSnake
oooh, dark; but i'd like that ability. sure, it'd be scary sometimes, but it's cool. i wish this thing was real, as gruesome as that sounds...

this is really good
8/13/2013 c5 PiptheSnake
Wow; are you sure Gibbs isn't a werewolf
8/13/2013 c4 PiptheSnake
You're mated to a necromancer. Duh

I like this a lot; I'm glad you haven't spoiled the characters. Gibbs is a bit ooc, but other than that this is pretty much perfect
5/15/2013 c10 Guest
plz hurry! i cant live w/o this and without knowing what happened
3/10/2013 c10 7BeautifulScarsOnCriticalVeins
The easyist way to get rid of writers block is to push the story to the back of your mind and watch NCIS read darkest powers and then ideas will come to you in bursts of inspiration that's what I do at least I haven't posted any storys no comp but I am able to give advice :-)
3/28/2012 c9 6EpitomeOfYikes
this is a great story and you definatly should continue it i would lile to see where it goes i know you might feel that no one likes it because the story has no reviews but trust me it is probably because very few people both watch ncis and read darkest powers

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