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11/25/2012 c10 Aku
You're a Fantastic writer .. I need to know what will happen next .. Please Hayaku :(
11/21/2012 c10 28mistyhollowdrummer
fjkejsk Yaaaah So I see, they go to the apartment, and then there ish shum smexy time right?... Right...? RIGHT?! *pulls out chainsaw* Anyway, I like this chapter and the flow of it. It kind of gives me the feel that something big is going to happen. And when Sora gets that vision... Oh the epicness. owo
11/21/2012 c10 UniqueQueen
I Love it .. Such cute story ..
You're an amazing writer :)
I can't wait to know what will happen ..
Update sooooon PLZ :(
11/20/2012 c10 4Yueli-san
loved the argument with Thobari, Miharu is such a rebelious teenager. can't wait to see what'll happen next!
11/20/2012 c10 23Yoitemichealis
That was amazing! It seems like all he'll us going to start breaking loose soon, so excited! The blackened hands took me by surprise, but it was so perfectly fit in! And Thobari never changes, does he? As creepy as ever XD
11/17/2012 c9 4Yueli-san
really like the flow of the story so far. looking forward to the next chapter!
10/22/2012 c9 4ElusiveIllusions
I just find this adorably fluffy and cannot wait for more!
10/8/2012 c9 16kinosternon
Great to read a well-thought-out Nabari fic! The fandom needs more love, and I think some of the details you have here (the relationship between Tsukasa and Sora, the migraines) are very interesting.

I'll be looking forward to future updates!
10/8/2012 c9 7Silver-Moon-Light94
This story is adorable :) and very well thought out keep up with the awesome writing! Can't wait for the next chapter!
9/30/2012 c9 23Yoitemichealis
"How can I be good at trig?" Well I'm kinda dislexic so I have to be good at something. :D
Yoite was like a scared deer before when Hana first met him, it seems he's gotten warmer in general though. Probably because of miharu and tsukasa. When I read this chapter I kept thinking about later on in the manga when they would smile at each other, I get the same vision as viv, blushing and awkward smiles :) thanks for sharing!
9/30/2012 c9 pendanski-is-key
I can't believe I just found out about this fic today. D: It's /amazing/ so far. Take your time on the updates, no need to rush By the way, I'm claiming this my new favorite Nabari fanfic. :3
9/30/2012 c8 Queen
I love it. your story is the best
Please update another chapter Sooooon
I can't wait for it ;)
9/15/2012 c8 paige g
this is awesome... you portray the characters perfectly. W
9/15/2012 c6 thank you
thanks for working hard on these stories i really apreciate it when you update
9/14/2012 c8 Yoitemichealis
please continue this, it's amazing! and good luck moving!
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