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for I'll Find You Again

9/14/2012 c7 23Yoitemichealis
so cute! i really love this story, when i finished the manga i really wondered if yoite was alive somewhere. and, here is my fantasy written beautifully! thank you!
9/14/2012 c3 Yoitemichealis
Wow, this is reeeally good. I agree, third person suits your writing a lot better. i really enjoy stories that are about yoite's family and past. And I'm thirteen and love trig!
8/22/2012 c8 Kira Okami
Its such a cute story. :3 I always wanted yoite and miharu to have a life together :3 I love your writing style 3
8/17/2012 c8 potato
LOVE IT! i like how you make Yoite have trouble with his name
8/13/2012 c8 4ElusiveIllusions
Sorry about all the edits hun.
Anyway, I like the pace its progressing in, so no worries! :3
8/13/2012 c5 ElusiveIllusions
who had been setting{sitting} beneath it dashed
I should be your second beta xD I know I have two for this very reason.
8/13/2012 c4 ElusiveIllusions
Write,.I didn't even notice this before, but is Sora supposed to be a Senior? Isn't he only 16?
8/13/2012 c2 ElusiveIllusions
*blue eyed cat
Just rereading w/ ErinPuppy, thought id help since the ride is so long and boring. wuv u?
8/10/2012 c8 CherrieTop
Thank You soooooooo soooooooooo much! Write more ok
8/1/2012 c7 SoulzTheYoshi
That was really good! I like your writing style and I anxiously await the next chapter if you decide to continue! .
7/18/2012 c7 ArcticLeaf
Please continue! This is the first Nabari fanfic that I've read in awhile and it's great! I can't wait to read the next chapter. :)
7/4/2012 c7 13Zaskaea
I just read all seven chapters and thought that one review would be less annoying than if I spammed you with one for each chapter. :)
I'm enjoying this story so far, and really, don't concern yourself with how long each chapter is. Having little sections like this is actually quite refreshing (well, for me at least). Thanks for posting!
6/29/2012 c5 2KingYo HanaBi
Hmm..wouldn't Miharu usually address his teacher as Kumohira-sensei? Unless they've gotten more familiar in the manga. [I wouldn't know, I paused somewhere around the twenties. *Guilt consumes me.]
6/29/2012 c4 KingYo HanaBi
The Japanese characters aren't too much of a loss. There absence doesn't detract much from the story after all. ;D
6/29/2012 c2 KingYo HanaBi
Yes, I'm honoring my promise of reviewing every chapter. You didn't think I'd forget, did you?

Kind of wonder why Tsukasa still recalls Yoite's existence if he was erased...but maybe when Miharu erased him, the Shinrabanshou erased "Yoite" and not "Sora"..

I love fanfics that make me think a little bit, heh.
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