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for Her Time to Shine

9/10/2016 c46 Lesliebobo
that cant be the end jef and veevee make-up right
4/23/2016 c46 Bajor10
I think u should put where Jeff is an absolute wreck not talking to anyone not even Matt hates himself was ruining the best thing that ever happened to him refuses to listen to anyone pretty given up on everything And there's only one thing that can help him save himself and thats venessa
4/23/2016 c46 Alissa2000
I love this story so much! This was a great ending but I definitely think you should write a sequel if you want to. I'm really curious to see what you envision for Vanessa's future.
4/23/2016 c46 22nattiebroskette
I really hope you post a sequel. I don't mind waiting. I really want to see what happens to Vanessa. That being said, what a great last chapter. Loved it.
4/23/2016 c46 1Supreme Neo Queen Serenity
More more more
4/23/2016 c46 AngelsDestiny22
Wow an emotional end to a very good story. I hate cliffhanger endings and ugh lol you did it to me. Glad she stood her ground. I think we have to have another one just to see what happens. If you write another one I'll be reading it. Great Job
2/24/2016 c45 Bajor10
I don't agre how u keep having Jeff cheat on her why can't it be the other way around it makes no sense to keep having him cheat Jeff would never do that why can't u have Vanessa cheat for once if u have to have someone cheat
1/1/2016 c44 14undertaker1465
Nuuuuu I don't want it to end XD I'm so glad you updated again! Jeff better get his act together before the entire divas division comes down on him
12/25/2015 c44 1Supreme Neo Queen Serenity
Thank you for updating im so loving this story its amazing. You dont suck at riding just take your time get the creative juices flowing. Its amazing how you cant right with such detail is really good. Keep updating please.
12/24/2015 c44 Bajor10
U should do another Jeff and venessa stories I love Jeff and Vanessa stories please let me know if u can do another
12/18/2015 c42 Supreme Neo Queen Serenity
Update please
11/6/2014 c43 Alissa2000
Thank you so much for continuing to write! I started reading In His Shadow about a week ago and I'm in love with this whole story. This is definitely my favorite Jeff Hardy fanfiction of all time. Its so well written and I've become emotionally attached to the characters and the story itself. It hurts to watch Nessie and Jeff's relationship deteriorate and I really hope they can fix things. I just wanted you to know how much I love this story and how grateful I am that you are continuing to write this even though you don't watch wrestling anymore. Btw when I heard about Takers streak ending, I legit cried. He is my hero and it really bothered me. Especially when I watched the match on youtube and saw how rough he looked. But anyway, enough ranting at you and again, thank you so much for this amazing story! I'm so excited to see how it ends even if I wish it could go on forever. :)
7/16/2014 c42 MacTheRipper
What. The. Fuck.
Jeffery. Nero. Hardy.
I will kill him. Then I'll shank Beth t(-.-y)
Bitches gonna get got I s2g-
O h- And Did Shannon like die-? xD jw..
okay okay bye xD
1/27/2014 c42 Topropeflyer
I don't know why I review these things any more. You know my reactions and thoughts way before you even post these things. Why? Because I tend to see most of the chapter before you actually update. Anyway, I demand Ressa time next chapter. And before that, Cesare.
*scans old reviews, loving and caring words. Looks to now. Demands, demands.*
Good job, kiddo.
9/30/2013 c41 2mellysaurus
OMG! Jeffery! What are you thinking?! Can't wait for the next chapter, i'm not into wrestling that much any more but this is one story I still read.
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