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for Her Time to Shine

5/7/2012 c16 Mamasangel
good worksweetie
5/7/2012 c17 Guest
5/7/2012 c16 Guest
Too awesome dude
5/3/2012 c17 5Ithil Caladhiel
Aww poor Adam! I always feel sad when stories get to this point with his neck and such! :(

But at least Amy got to go out! And that was a great idea for a tattoo! Just need Adam to get one! I'd love to see his interaction with the kids!

That match was so damn cool! Too bad there aren't any woman to do that now.

And yes - so jealous of Beth'

Update again!
5/3/2012 c17 5Subject1617
Loved it! Ahh! And Rue could kick Vanessa's ass... but Nessa could kick Rue's ass too... haha. Anyway, the old family were such asses. Hail, hail the new family! And as for names for the submission... I've... got none. I'll think of some. Also, Rue muse is being an ass still, thought I'd let you know. Great chapter as always Ronni! Lovers it.
5/3/2012 c17 3litawwediva06
Th extreme rule match *Dances around* I'm so happy about that 3 love tweeting Vanessa about my hate with Kelly Kelly xD
5/2/2012 c16 litawwediva06
You don't like Brock D: I love him, not that he turned his back on the wwe for Ufc but I like him in the ring xP, What Happened to rue? I'm so glad you kept this story going tbh without it I'd be bored outta my mind ;D
5/2/2012 c16 ShadowHearted
Awesome! Thank you Hunter!

Anyway, that was an awesome chapter. Can't wait for that match though! So please update soon!
5/2/2012 c16 2mellysaurus
This ASAP was pretty good, I like literally screamed in excitement, I'm that sad. I hope that Nessa kicks Brock's ass! Because I really don't like him! Love it as per. :D
5/1/2012 c16 5Ithil Caladhiel
So glad about Hunter! But yes he would have got got!

And Ness will SO beat ADR and Brock!

And I figured it was Beth Phoenix who Adam was talking about. Really didn't expect that. Lol I am jealous too! Update again but can we have more triplet time? :D
5/1/2012 c16 5Subject1617
ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? EVAN NEEDS TO WIN THAT MATCH! Anyway, I loved the training and big bro Phil stepping in and being a total bad ass. Anyway... When I read Ev's song's words, I was singing. SOME ARE BORN TO FIGHT! SOME ARE BORN TO SIN! I WAS BORN TO LIGHT THE FIRE! ... anyway. I was freaking out when Lesnar won... I was like happy for Ev then BAM. Brock fricken' Lesnar wins. Oh well, I expected as much. Great chapter, had me yelling and fidgeting through the whole entire thing. #Rebels.
4/29/2012 c15 Boobookins123
FIRED? NO! No! No! I hate Linda. On another thing, the best friends are cute! And Jeff pushing her off the ladder lol.
4/29/2012 c15 ILurvesJeffrey
holy shit this was great
4/29/2012 c15 Jiggly
Duuuuuuuuuuuuude, what a cliffie. Not cool. I hope Ness isnt fired for real. Her and Punk are soooo cute
4/29/2012 c15 Mamasangel
I swear, Triple H better sort her out befoer I do!
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