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11/6/2012 c37 Cameron113
Walking Dead! lol awesome! Anyways...Amy! Rue! I missed Amy! Grr!
This might piss your Nessa Muse, but im steeling Amy! (Come at me!) Lol...Three days grace: Sick!
Black Veil Brides: Hellz Yeahz! (Im in love With Ashley Purdy)...I feel this is off topic now...UPDATE! BYEZ!
11/5/2012 c37 Guest
At least Amy has calmed Ness's nerves but still.
So Rue absolutely despises Jeff. I don't hate him that much but he isn't helping things by going out with Beth.
As per your reply, way off track and we do not wish that on our dear Adam xD
Triplet time? Hmmmmm... I'm not really sure, just some cutesy-wutsey sorta stuff between Adam and the babies, especially his little girl - she'll be a true daddy's girl :D
Update again! xDD
11/5/2012 c37 2mellysaurus
I hate to say this but I kind of want Vanessa and Minnow to get together! Especially when Jeff's being all asshole to her.
Beth is a class A bitch. Eugh. But Reby's being nice! YAAAAAY!
11/4/2012 c37 5Subject1617
Got ships to blow up so I'll make it quick.
I loved-
*Connor yanks me away from the computer*
11/4/2012 c36 8Malia Tate
I... I don't know how I feel. I kinda sorta agree with Phil, Rue, and Minnow... Oh fuck it, I totally agree with them.

Also, I can't believe the bullshittery of Jeff and Beth being friends. I just, I don't even know how I feel right now, man.

asdfghjkl; That is me right now. I can't comprehend what the fuck changed, but I smell disaster for the future. And I don't know if I'm happy or sad.

Fucking feels and the shit they put me through.
10/19/2012 c36 Cameron113
I watched the walking Dead marathon. Love it! :D I'm starting to...like...Reby...That a bad thing? Haha Punk Jealous, What? Jeff you ass! Stop hanging with my mortal enemy! Damn you beth! -sigh- im listening to Three days Graces new CD. XD Haha anyways...Update Girl im noe curious!
10/18/2012 c36 5Ithil Caladhiel
I may have mentioned this a few reviews ago, but I don't really trust Jeffro. I'm kinda like Rue in that sense. I can tell there's something just a little off maybe?
It's a good idea to talk Ames, just don't tell Adam there are some mini marital issues in his sister's life. He may just crack. (And we know how that goes! *Sees Edge crouched in corner, eyes wide* Uh oh)
Anyway, great update. Can we triplet and Adam time too? Thank you! Lol
Update again!
10/18/2012 c36 1Nat-Nat 360
Oh, it's nice that Vanessa is considering Jeff's feelings here. I guess Beth did make him happy. I think that this is my last review...well until I sort myself out.
10/18/2012 c36 5Subject1617
Woo! Update! Bruce is worth alllll of my attention. Not to mention Connor. Rue muse is like " Eh, I have many of them" Anywho. I LOVED THIS CHAPTER! Beth's gonna get her ass kicked. I hope so anyway. Then again, I pretty much know exactly how this story will go. I loved this, again. Oh! Phil needs to get his act into shape! It's my turn to update I suppose!
10/16/2012 c35 Cameron113
Holy shit! fuckin Beth. I'll kill her for messin with Jeff! lol Min is crazy awesome. Where da Hell Amy go?! And i have a question...What ever happened to Maria anyways? That confused : pepsi and Skittles are da best stuff ever, lol bye!
10/15/2012 c35 5Ithil Caladhiel
So we will go with Murphy's Law: if it can happen it will. Great!
Mr. Minnow being very observant I see? But he does have a point about Jeff never calling. Reby Sky - nope, nice ain't in her vocabulary and Amy is happily married. Gotta say this but why go from Adam to Matt? Seriously, that's just down the scale!
Update again and love you too!
10/15/2012 c35 5Subject1617
" I DON'T WANNA BE A TATTOOED MILLIONAIRE" Sorry, Bruce was singing. I loved this chapter bro! I loved how Rue and Vanessa took over the show XD And then the snow ball fight. Poor Rue's leather jacket. And Rue backing down a fight? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? That's new! Anyway, I'm too lazy to write anymore... back to work for me I guess! BRUCE 3
10/11/2012 c34 5Ithil Caladhiel
Uh oh. Hope nobody sees Jeff with Beth. Things could get way out of hand.
I hope he doesn't decide to go any further in case of any lapses of judgement.
Sorry for short review but I'm tired lol
Update again!
10/10/2012 c34 5Subject1617
From the top.
That match was awesome! Cena is meh for me. Onto Rue: RUE WEEK! FUCK YEAH! and I she needs the title. My muse deserves championship gold! With Jeff... welll.
IT'S A MANGO! Don't like Mangoes. WE DON'T MANGOES!
Beth, Bruce disapproves of you.
Jeff, as you know, I hate. Always will do.
Yes, Punker's new shirt is ugly. U-G-L-Y YOU AIN'T GOT NO ALIBI! YOU UGLY! YEAH YOU UGLY! Minnow 33333333333 My lovely creation. I love him. Sigh, I need to boot up Minnow in my story XD And this talk... OH! I KNOW THIS TALK! You told me. You tell me everything! Great chapter dude, I loved it. Now, I must go punch a wall because dad ruined my entire life.
10/3/2012 c33 5Ithil Caladhiel
Yay! Thank you! But you know I am still gonna bother you for more. Lol
I'm guessing Beth has something to tell Jeff then. Don't think this will be good. Especially if Ness finds out.
Update again!
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