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for Her Time to Shine

10/3/2012 c33 Topropeflyer
Too lazy to log in.
The 'thing' thing was awesome. And the AC. AC is always awesome.
Connor. oo dmhifsucnlc/mnfhsd.
Sorry. Thought of Connor and spazzed. You're used to it though.
I still hate Jeff. Still love Minnow. And I care not for the length because it was an awesomely epic chapter.
10/1/2012 c32 Cameron113
Haha I cant get enough of Amy, Rue, or Vanessa...I loved the part where Amy called. :D Update soon!or I shall make you some how, haha
9/27/2012 c32 5Ithil Caladhiel
Don't worry. I started watching some TNA recently. Saw Chavo and Kurt! OMG!
Anyway, I am I'll too but meh. Great update. I like how Natalya and Beth had sense not to join and please, PLEASE? Could we see some AdaM and triplet time next chapter? You'll make me feel better lol.
Update soon!
9/27/2012 c32 5Subject1617
" I'll bring my children and technology"
It's AC time :)
I loved this entire chapter, especially Minnow 3 I love Minnow! Mainly because he's my invention...
stupid muses making me cry. Can't wait to read more! Love ya!
9/22/2012 c31 Rose Kurso
Amazing as usual, keep it up.
9/21/2012 c31 5Ithil Caladhiel
I despise Algebra. I wanted to kill it with a bomb. Anywhoooo
That whole Diva beat down? I had a dream similar and it actually was Vanessa in it. (Freaky eh?) But in my dream, another woman wrestler called Fallon - whom my mind conjured up - saves her. If you'd like to know more about Fallon message me. She'd be a good character to use.
Aside from the divas living up to their name, great update and update soon!
9/21/2012 c31 5Subject1617
Dude, this was so epic, beyond words. I'm eating Chinese and Ginger Ale, so this will be a short, distraction filled-
Sorry, thought of Bruce for a second. Um... I loved this thing, of course. I love everything you write. Alright... well... Tweet me. I'm bored (as always)
9/20/2012 c30 Buffy-Bella
...many questions are going through my head right now, but the main one? well, that's an easy answer...UPDATEUPDATEUPDATE! i am still in need of the baby je-nessa's...iiitnooofairrrrrr! pwretty pwease? update? i shall be checking when i get in from school...and remember...British peoples don't like to be kept waiting..hehehehe :p BB x
9/12/2012 c30 Cameron113
Damn...I have to say...THIS WAS FAN-FUCKING-TASIC!
Rue is sooo...funny. Haha anyways, I LOVE THIS STORY! and Jeff! :D
9/9/2012 c30 5Ithil Caladhiel
Well I didn't notice any 'u's but I usually notice when there aren't any in a word. (English: I can't help it.)
Anywho, seemed like Rue was about to self-implode every ten seconds! But atleast they enjoyed themselves! And Minnow sounds cool but gotta wonder where the name came from.
Update again!
9/9/2012 c30 5Subject1617
I'm sorry I'm fucking Canadian and my spelling 'wrong'. XD
Now if only I get to meet him.
I was shaking as I read that, I felt her excitement. Uh, nothing else to say buuuu.
8/30/2012 c29 5Ithil Caladhiel
To be honest, I think Ness is bound to act like Adam; they are related :)
I don't think she needs to blow up so much about it. If she loves him as she does, then she should be pleased about it in a way. What would Adam say about her recent Edge-esque behaviour?
Update soon! BTW just call me Helen if you wish ;)
8/30/2012 c29 5Subject1617
I can't wait to read Bruce. I love Bruce. Bruce is amazing. Screw Punkers... Bruce Dickinson is the best in the fricken world. LOVE HIM :DDDDDDDDDDDDD I'm gonna send you the list soon. Because I seriously, seriously, seriously, seriously need to read the Iron Maiden chapter. Because it's Iron Maiden. I. Love. Iron. Maiden. Did you know that? Anyway, I adored this entire chapter, especially Rue's scream. It made be grin hardcore. And you will update tomorrow. Know why? I'm not waiting for this update. Love ya!
8/26/2012 c28 Guest
This Story is really good. Your An AWESOME Writer, I read both 'In His Shadow' and 'Her time To Shine' last nite.

lol the Twitter talk is funny.
8/22/2012 c28 1Nat-Nat 360
So Jeff and Vanessa finally got hitched. Nice. I've been meaning to review, just not like this...

It's absolutely cute that Adam feels that way. And I'm glad that Phil didn't try anything. He's really been pissng me off this whole time.

Good chapter. I won't review anymore if 't want me to? But frankly, this is the only thing that's making me sane. I read the whole story last night, just imagining you reading it to me.
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