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3/9/2012 c1 3CryptoSquirrel
Oh my gosh. This was beautiful. SO beautiful. You see into Sherlock's mind really well, and it kills me.

"I was hungry. I didn't want you to know that I was hungry; I don't want you to know that I ever eat. Eating makes me human, it makes me easier to relate to, and then people think they can just waltz into my life. They can't John, and I don't want them to. Eating, being human, gives me weaknesses, and I don't want to be weak." -I nearly cried. Best explanation I've ever heard.

All of his explanations for his lies were so very accurate and I could cry just thinking about it. D:

Thanks for sharing!
3/9/2012 c1 4Crowfether
D'awww! This is so cute!

You've really captured Sherlock in this! I love it!
3/8/2012 c1 kjashdjkahwdiuqihasd
Beautiful. Thank you for this.
3/8/2012 c1 37CowMow
Wow. Just wow. :)

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