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4/13 c1 NataS666
This is drama/tragedy wth... Crazy. Well written story, but damn.
3/6 c1 1ReadingAddict335
That was intense. really intense.
Like literally no words to say. I didn't know that I was holding my breath during the entire fic.
The hallucinations and the ending. hats off
It is damn well just captures the emotions.
Love it
1/11 c1 Guest
My poor heart
11/12/2023 c1 1Helscreama
Fuck, right in the heart...
7/26/2023 c1 3LongLiveTheKing32
Did Harry break at the death of Daphne and hullucinate the entire trip... bloody heart breaking!
2/22/2023 c1 Dayside
Bruh that was just uncalled for
1/10/2023 c1 2The-Dark-Warrior
A wonderfuly done story!
7/21/2022 c1 56EdTheBeast
Very suicidal.
7/18/2022 c1 1Fellbane
Christ! I think I’d probably just top myself and be done with it.
6/16/2022 c1 Duhfull
Beautiful. Thank you for writing
4/4/2022 c1 paink1ller
how dare you do that to me...
4/2/2022 c1 Fuck Names
God fucking damn.
3/15/2022 c1 Guest
Beautifully tragic
9/24/2021 c1 Marcus
Didn't make much sense in the end
6/27/2021 c1 Mark Sinfield
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