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3h c4 goodman21
This is going to be a critical review, unfortunately. Sorry.

While the PLOT of this fanfic is very good, I am afraid that I simply cannot stand reading it anymore after the beginning of the fourth chapter, due to the extremely sloppy use of grammar and syntax. I honestly don't know why most people here have given the story such great reviews-The fact is, the grammar is pretty consistently terrible in something like every third or fourth sentence so far, and the use of syntax is even worse. The fact that people are giving this story reviews which don't even MENTION these things, honestly makes me sad; far too few people these days actually have a proper command of the English language.

I could go back through the three chapters I've read so far in order to list some of the major grammatical errors I noticed, but honestly I don't feel like that should have to be a reader's job, so I won't. One thing I will say however, is that the most common error I have seen is a lack of commas where they are needed.

It's a shame, too, as I was really enjoying the plot. I just wish that the writer, if they themselves are incapable of fixing the grammar mistakes, would find a proofreader who could.
5/25 c20 Guest
At Chapter 18 (not counting the prologues) OH MY GOSH I FOLLOW YOU ON TUMBLR AND I DIDNT EVEN REALISE! You made a post that I love going through every episode and showing proof of Fuugen. ️ Love that post. Please keep up the good work. And what a crazy coincidence that that post that you made is what led me to search fanfiction (because let’s face it, the end of SamCham was BS) and led me to your fanfic! FULL CIRCLE
5/23 c36 NightDreamer58
Update please
5/10 c36 2Sonic3CDKK
You shall not receive judgement from me, for this chapter is one of the most detailed you've written and it really made me think about the complexity of love. Love isn't black and white. So many things go into love. It's an indescribable emotion that can only be experienced once you're actually in a relationship. In other words, this was a dope ass chapter :]]]]]
5/3 c36 5cutiek028
Hiii Fenrir's Lockhart (do you have a nickname you prefer your readers calling you?)

I've just spend the last five days devouring your amazing, wonderful, epic fanfic during every minute of spare time I could manage. I loved it so much. Honestly when I started it I was under the misconception that it was completed but then when I reached chapter 30 or so I checked the last available chapter and confirmed that it was indeed not. I almost cried haha but I'm so glad you still seem to be actively updating your fanfic.

You should be extremely proud of this fic! It's an amazing piece of work and I can tell (and I loove) how much research you put into it. Honestly, in my mind your fanfic is exactly what happened to Fuu, Mugen and Jin after the end of Samurai Champloo. It's like canon to me haha

I hope one day I can read the ending to your amazing fanfic. I NEED to read the part where Mugen finally realizes Fuu doesn't like Jin that way and that she is actually very happy he has Shino. And then of course I'm dying to read the part where either Fuu or Mugen finally breaks and tells the other their recently realized feelings. I NEED TO READ IT! Hahaha! OMG I just love your fanfic so much. It has evoked so many feelings.

I absolutely adore how you characterize EVERYONE! From Mugan to Fuu to Jin to even Momo. It's so in character I am honestly shocked. It's canon in my mind I tell you. This is what really happens to them after the end of the anime, no one can convince me otherwise haha

Also, your Original Characters! WOW! I loved them too. The characterizations are so amazing. You're so talented for making me even like the giant spider! I love Mirai & Norio, the princess, her guard and her dog, and Fuu's granny of course. All of them lovely, even the troupe that chased Mugen & Fuu into Mount Koya. Again, you're so TALENTED! Sorry for gushing but it's so true! You mentioned you were working on an original book? If you are publishing it I would love to read it because I am sure I would like your characters and story.

Then as for the Fuugen... your Fuu and Mugen storyline is so beautiful. It makes me want to cry if I think about Mugen feeling he isn't worthy of Fuu. I want to cry SO MUCH! But at the same time, it's so perfect. I've never thought of giving Mugen conflicting feelings like that when it comes to Fuu but it fits so perfectly, I can't imagine seeing it any other way now. All the angst and turmoil, I love reading that when it comes to romances.

I also love slow burning romance, which this definitely is, to the point of wanting to tear my hair out haha but your last chapter (The Ideal If) was sooo satisfying! You mentioned in your author's note that you were worried how we would react? I say don't be worried at all! It was perfect. I'm so glad we finally got kiss number two and three. The descriptions were tastefully done. I honestly love the detail of them being connected after their kisses by a line of saliva *blush blush blush* it's so honest and passionate, so Fuu and Mugen. I also felt so much empathy for Mugen regarding the Jin xFuu dream. UGGH! Poor Mugen! But I'm so glad you took the story there, it's brings up so much turmoil, wow.

Also, I love how you have taken parts of the original anime and fleshed it out and incorporated it into your story. I have always been a firm Fuugen fan but you've made me see parts of the anime in ways I've never seen before (and I've seen the entire series no less than four times and each time taken away something new or different from the story). Like your insight into how Mugen probably never wanted/could find those part-time jobs Fuu was always screaming at him about because of his prison tattoos. Wow! Now I feel so bad for Mugen! I love how much thought you've given to every little part of the anime. Thank you so much for that.

Anywho, I can go on and on and on about so many details and aspects of your story and your writing. I just want to say I really loved you story and I really appreciate your writing. I'm so glad fans like you exist out there who take the time to analyze and embrace characters of these TV shows I love too. Thank you again for writing this story. I'm anxiously waiting for the next chapter. I'll be passing by for reviews of encouragement regularly from now on because I am definitely a fan of your story. And I'll probably be re-reading it again at some point too!


PS - I'm reading the essays/theories you have about Samurai Champloo on your tumblr. You mentioned there are essays about Fuugen you can share with those who are interested. I'm not sure if they are different from the ones on tumblr but I would like to read whatever you've written about them! Also, from your profile the other ships that I share with you are Darryl and Beth from The Walking Dead and The Hound and Sansa from Game of Thrones. Just the thought of you writing anything Darryl and Beth related makes me want to scream (in delight of course lol) Just wanted to share that because I'm so glad you like these ships too. :) :) :) :)
5/1 c36 Jen
Hot damn, that was a great read. I'm glad you decided to update recently and this chapter was full of juicy drama and intensity. The inner turmoil of fuu and mugen this chapter was really capturing especially paired with the sexual tension. I'm really looking forward to seeing how you further develope the story. I really enjoy your characterizations and your use of like canon to develop the characters as well.
4/28 c36 Llama
I am frickin' in love with this story! This is my otp and you've portrayed them better than any other story I've read. I really hope you continue with this, because I'm dying to find out what's gonna happen next.
4/26 c36 bottlecap72
So pleased you're still updating! I read the last 2 chapters in one go and I'm so excited you're going to continue writing. This story is so great! Thanks for the update XD
4/25 c36 48Joy-girl
I’m pretty sure everytime you update, I go through and read the story (or at least my favorite chapters [coughsickfuucough]) again because I love it so much. I love not only how vivid and detailed the writing is, but also how much research you put into it. And of course, the portrayal of Fuu and Mugens relationship is absolutely beautiful and frustrating - though I will say I can’t wait for the misunderstanding over Jin to be rectified because it is getting a bit old (but then I guess that’s life?)
Anyway, excellent job. I can’t wait to see what happens from here - like if Mugen will remember...?
4/25 c36 Lovingadream
To yuuki56:

That would be true if they didn't feel like they feel one for each other. But! Oh man, they are in love. They're hiding it. Mugen has been even denying it. Fuu's thoughts right now are, why does he like those whores and not me? What do I lack? What the heck can I do to make him like me, and love me? She needs him. She wants him. And he's completely frustrated because he believes Jin is who she wants. And he'll do anything for her. Because he's just a criminal. He's no one to claim that damn fantastic girl. And he's emotionally breaking down and spitting out that kind of stupid and horrible things to her as a way of self defense. And that kind of stupid and horrible things are hurting her even more.

So in my opinion there's nothing to be fixed ;) Feelings are ruling now. No room for reasoning!
4/25 c36 2yuuki56
I don't know if I should point this out, but how Mugen is always insulting and deriding her about not being like those whores, that's actually the opposite of what he should do. In the anime, it wasn't to the extent you're doing, nor in the same context. I understand why you're incorporating it, but even if Mugen says those types of things, she should take it as a compliment. She's kept her innocence before marriage. That's what she's supposed to do. It's a disgrace for the woman if anything less than that. I know he's uncivilized, but she grew up in the same society where this is common sense, so she should be proud hearing about how she's not like a disgraced courtesan/prostitute. I know that it's too late to fix it even if you want to, so I'm just saying this in the hope that in one of the next chapters he'll either become more honest or kinder with words, or she'll act how I said in face of those words (you know, tell him off with logic and reasoning). Sorry if this comment seemed in bad taste; I truly meant no offense. Just couldn't help myself
4/23 c36 MoonStars
Just when I started to hope that this relationship can move onto something deeper he does this drunk... I love how you conveyed that scene and their feelings/thoughts. Excited to read what’s next!
4/22 c36 Satisfied Reader
Yay! Restarted the anime and had to read some more fanfic. I hope you update again, everyone is excited to see how this will play out. Although Mugen isn't the type to speak his emotions, it's vuilding up to the point where he can't even hold his actions in. It's exciting to see who will reveal their "love" or feelings first. Wrll good luck!

4/21 c36 Nimouway
Your story truly is addictive. I certainly like the way you are letting Mugen and Fuu discover their feelings and how the tension us boiling. Please keep writing this story.
4/19 c36 MsJellyFox
I absolutely love this fic! And your writing is lovely. You do an amazing job. You've put a lot of thought into this story, I can tell. I can not wait for the next chapter!
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