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12/11 c34 cdsilvermoon
So I have never once read fan fiction. But I decided to give it a try with my favorite anime. Just typed Samurai Champloo stories in the search bar and this little gem popped up. I've been engrossed in this story for days and I just now realized that it was published some years ago. I still don't know how this site works and how to understand if the story is being recently updated. I think I might tear out my hair if I don't get to finish.
This makes me pray for a miracle y'all haha please someone tell me if this is still going on?! I couldn't bear if this came to an end so soon.
11/5 c34 Guest
So I rewatched Samurai Champloo again recently (first time watching it being ~10 years ago) and got super interested in learning more. Found your blog with MugenxFuu essay and it totally convinced me they should be together so I've been fangirling ever since! Then I started to read your fanfic (i've never read a fanfic before) and it is amazing! Like a legit book. I read it in two days and it was so neat seeing your writing style develop over these years. You capture the two characters personalities perfectly, and I love how you include references and Japanese history like the show. Anyways, I just wanted to praise you for all you do and I hope you never stop writing this!
10/31 c33 UpdateCraver
I've continued to read up until this point... and I'm loving everything!. Great job. When I originally started reading this fix (earlier ) this year, I was put off by the many chapters and thought id lose focus. However in glad that I revisited it. Its a Fugen treat.
10/29 c3 UpdateCraver
I'll never understand women who hit men, then belittle men as weak who "wouldn't think twice" before hitting a female. As Fuu said. Either way ill keep reading.
10/6 c34 10AdaraLove
I was so excited to see another chapter for this story! For a moment I thought it had been abandoned! I'm really glad to see that it wasn't ) Even if there wasnt much fuugen in this chapter it was still very interesting! I love how you came about naming mugens new beetle and that the little guy helped them get some well deserved cash! I totally expect the money won't last long XD either way I'm really interested to see what you'll do with your two new characters! I can't wait for the next chapter!
10/5 c34 BeasCup
I ventured over to the samurai champloo section of fanfiction and on the top of the list I found yours. I see that you have definitely put your heart into this piece. I can feel it! I don't know how else to explain it. The characters are beautifully written and while the slow burn is agonizing as many people have been hoping for a true start of the relationship, I think you're doing an amazing job at timing the way everything is unfolding. The way I see it, if it took them a good year to develop feelings and another year of sitting on those feelings. I think to realistically see them come to light it will take a good deal of time. I see it, they're right on the verge of letting it out and it's wonderful. They have to go through the stages, the denial, the angst, and then the shock of realization! Oh and with those new characters at the end, I find them interesting. I definitely want to learn more of their backstory. I think I got the wrong impression here, but it felt like a princess running away to elope with her valiant knight. Then you said his age and I was like oh, um maybe that's not right haha. Then again, the times were different so idk. I guess I'll have to stick around and find out! I've had a lovely time reading this and I hope to continue reading more of your work in the future.
10/4 c34 3vil-Sakura
I'm so happy you've updated. I can't wait to see more of Fuu and Mugen and how their relationship develops. Your new characters are interesting and can't wait to see how they become more involved. I'm a little sad I didn't get to read more of Fuu and Mugen but great chapter and I can't wait to read more. Please update soon!
10/3 c34 5therp
Beetle wrestling and a mysterious princess!? You spoil us Sunflower! So excited to see an update, thank you for sharing!
9/30 c34 SatsuUzumaki
It's so good to see this updated again! It's as good as ever :) Im excited to see where tsuru and co go from here, and excited for new chapters again! Great work!
9/27 c34 Francisco
I LOVE THIS STORY! Can't wait to
9/27 c34 18Sasusakui
Love this. Glad you're back.
9/25 c34 mamatrinh
*ugly crying face* These are tears of overwhelming joy! Your descriptive writing paints such vivid, motion filled, emotion invoking pictures in the mind. I wish I had the knowledge and the time to create an MMD series of your fanfic!
9/23 c32 Woobles
All the fluff killed my heart. I love the way you describe scenes so intricately.
9/23 c34 2Shortie630
I don't read many stories on here nowadays, but I'll always come back to read an update from this one when I get those story alerts. :) Glad to know that you won't let this story collect dust and disappear like so many others. Interested to see how this next story arc will play out.
9/22 c31 Woobles
The spider scene was great! I liked the play on words with kumo, which is spider and cloud. The scene in the rain got to me.
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