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8/11 c36 25Virtue
Wow! I just got caught up on this, and while I feel it deserves more than a generalized review to span 36 chapters, I was too lazy to review as often as I wanted to along the way!

First off, I love the way this reads. It feels very much like some kind of SamCham sequel with all of the humor and tragedy and random references. I can tell you’ve done your share of research!

Also, I appreciate your characterization of Mugen and Fuu. You seem to take into account the dynamics of the group at the end of the anime while staying true to the stubbornness and hardheadedness that they both maintain even though they mature in other aspects.

And your OC’s are actually interesting, but don’t steal the thunder of the main cast. I’m also intrigued by Jin’s path in the story as well.

I really felt it for them both this chapter. All in all a great job! I really do hope you update soon!
8/7 c36 Guest
Super happy you're writing again, please keep it up!
7/24 c36 moonflower17
Wow. So I've been currently reading this for the past week or so and all I can say is that I've never been so obsessed with a fanfiction before! Thank you for blessing us with this. It's so creative, you stay true to the characters, you keep things realistic and just jdhshsbajhdhd. I can't say enough good things about this. You uploaded this in 2012 and you're still uploading. That is impressive. I wish I had that much dedication. Also, It's awesome that you went back and edited your early stuff. I can't wait for the next upload! (Sorry for saying "you" 10,000 times, I'm just very excited)
7/23 c36 SecretsSeeker318
Oh my I really love your story ! When you went on your long hiatus I thought I would never read the end of this tale but I'm overjoyed that you are still writing it! All of your original characters and the way you portray Mugen, Fuu , and other canon characters from the anime is soooo amazing. Your historical and geographical detail makes the story very immersive and the care you put in to your writing is very clear in your story. I can't wait to read more and see what else you in store for these two. My heart is swollen with emotion that builds up until it overflows while I read about the adventures of these two. May I also say that I thoroughly enjoyed the development of Fuu and Mugen's relationship as well as their own character growth through out the story but this chapter in particular really struck home. Their desires for each other, their insecurities and inhibitions, their fears, and their actions that contrasted with their words and what their logical thought processes and better judgement were. All of it collided in this chapter and made very intense and emotionally raw. You are such a phenomenal author and I will wait days unnumbered to see the finish of this story. Love you and your writing so much! Continue what you do please!
7/23 c36 Guest
Wow that grammar guy was rude huh? Your story is awesome and perfectly easy to read, much better grammar and English than I've seen on most stories on this sight. I'm really enjoying your story, it has an interesting plot and absolutely fantastic character development. I see that so many people love your writing talent and I hope that inspires you to keep going, I can't wait to see what happens
7/19 c36 Persian Butter Cups
I. Loved. This. Chapter. Omggg like I've been wondering how you would write this type of chapter and like it's better than anything i expected like I've re-read this like 3 times already. I'm vvvv excited to see the new chapter's like i can't wait and like idk what else to say besides i think this might be my favorite fuugen fanfic ever and i love you dear author
7/15 c32 Guest
Loved this!
7/15 c28 Guest
You gave me a scare here. Thought for a sec Mugen was going to leave without Fuu.
But what can I say – I like mushy Mugen :D oh, the feels. Great chapter as always!
7/14 c20 Fuuuuuuuu
Noooooooo, why did you skip the rest, Fuu?! D:
7/13 c3 Puma
Lovely, lovely start of a fanfic! Love your description of the two and I really like your rewriting :-)
7/12 c1 mamatrinh
Wondering how "my girl" is doing. This is the nick name both my husband and sister know you as because even since beginning this story (well over 2 yrs ago - had my first child the end of 2015 not long after starting and my second is a month old) I still rave about what an amazing writer you are. That last chapter was amazing! Going to reread everything for fun and pray there's an update within the near future. However it's also summertime so hopefully you are also relaxing and having a good time. Be safe out there in the world!
6/22 c36 Guestpersondude2
I don't like the term OOC when it comes to dynamic characters like Mugen. Don't be afraid to take risks. Compare episode 1 Mugen to episode 26 Mugen. Mugen is completely out of character in the last episode, and that's on purpose because this journey and Fuu herself has changed him. He can still keep his key traits (snarky badass) while also becoming a better person.
6/22 c36 Guestpersondude
So at this point are they saying they both fell in love with each other? Mugen's in love with Fuu and she doesn't know? Fuu's in love with Mugen and he doesn't know? I'm curious to see how these two finally end up together and sacrifices they have to make in order for it to work. Love is sacrifice after all.
6/8 c36 val
please tell me u haven’t abandoned this story
6/5 c36 xim-chan
ok.. this is like the 3rd time I've read the last chapters of this story.. and I can't seem to get enough! it is soo good!
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