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12/25/2019 c2 Guest
Very much looked forward to reading thing... until you nicknamed a Pokemon, then I cringed so hard. Shame.
11/6/2019 c16 31Fires of Eden Red Rose Aurora
I am enjoying it so far. Though, I find the fact Hilda's family used to live in Kanto and was a childhood sweetheart a bit, I don't know. It echo's with the anime Ash and Serena thing, though these two have more chemistry. I do like the pairing and how you have built the relationship. I think this fic is a bit rushed, particularly at the start, but it has got better. I would suggest to not have the preview of the previous chapter, though. If people can't remember what happened they can go back and read it. There were a couple of times where you missed a letter from a word, or had something like their instead of there.
Good job though, and I like the characterisation for the most part. Are you planning on side pairings or decided any!? If you are, I'd like to suggest some
8/9/2018 c5 PokeMan
Tis fic is cool but too confusing...Don't try to force much the Ash Hilda ship like on chapters before let is develoo more natural...Also a regular Charizard would be around 5 foot tall but Ash Charizard is bigger than normal almost equal to a Dragonite so he should be 7'3 of height not 5'7 he is even shorter than Ash on this fic...
8/9/2018 c4 PokeMan
Why did Ash send Gible back but called two flying types if he already have Pidove? He shouldn't even have bothered to catch that Pidove soon Ash will send all his old pokemons back and stay with the new weaker ones like in the anime, not wonder the kid lose all the time...
3/18/2018 c5 midnightscar17
Cant ash have a harem?
3/3/2018 c1 InceptionTact
I feel like this should be the story you put the most work into. Not a lot if people can write this well, and I hope you can get back to this soon-ish.
1/11/2018 c4 Shogun lord poke burst
Ah man, I was hoping Bible would at least evolve before being sent back
12/18/2017 c16 Guest
Finally this story got updated I waited a very long time for a new chapter to come to this fanfic I hope more new chapters come more offton now then before it has been a very long time since I last read this story it's definitely favorite Othello shipping or whatever the shipping is called between ash and Hilda and sooner or later ash should ask Hilda out on a date and at some point they should try giving each other a kiss on the lips like they did the first time and more offton glad to see this story got a new chapter and it was fun reading this fanfic u did great and hopefully don't have to wait as long for the next chapter before this chapter came it felt like years I last read this story or even got a new chapter
12/18/2017 c1 GA Pokemon Fan
This story has my 4th favorite shipping with ash
12/18/2017 c16 17Christopher Nagura
Woah, glad to see that you're back dude, hope you continue to upload frequently now
12/17/2017 c16 rufus264
Nice chapter
11/3/2017 c1 Guest
Ashton Ketchum? Goodbye
10/18/2017 c1 jbadillodavila
Genial cx
9/3/2017 c1 Pink butterfree
Pink butterfree: free, freeee...
Butterfree: free free free freeee?
Pink butterfree: free?
Butterfree: (Sad-faces)
Pink butterfree: free!
free free free?
(Mad-faces) free!
and so pink butterfree said poor her husband butterfree, ash's favorite pokemon trainer, that epic king shadow blot shoot for butterfree?
and then what happened to butterfree, it's turning into stone?
Pink butterfree, so sad her husband butterfree to die...
What pink butterfree going to do?
Pink butterfree: (light-bull?)
Pink butterfree said that's it?
maybe should for Ebby Gray my trainer,
Too find her, my Ebby's pokeball?
don't worry honey butterfree?
I'll be right back!
Pink butterfree: free freeee!
10/5/2016 c17 AshsHarem
Butterfree and Pidgeot left Ash before the Orange Islands. Tobias only used a Darkrai and a Latios against Ash, not a Latias. How did Hilda catch the Pink Butterfree without any Pokemon of her own? Until recently Ash and Hilda had forgotten all about each other, now Hilda's saying she watched all of Ash's Leagues (yet doesn't know why he lost the Sinnoh League)? Iris already told everyone she wanted to be a Dragon Master in this fanfic. A rewriting, and continuation, of this story would be good to fix all the confusing stuff. I know I've given a lot of negativity, but aside from the things I've brought up this was a very good Othelloshipping story.
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