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5/6 c48 Username6166
I find it insane that Naruto and Sasuke are tied. They tied in canon when all Naruto knew was the Shadow Clone and Rasengan, along with an uncontrollable bijuu cloak, but in this fic there is nothing different with Sasuke while Naruto has proficiency over 3 elements and has control over a bijuu cloak yet they are still tied.
5/6 c37 Username6166
I'm surprised that there are a lot of comments complaining about Kakashi being bashed. If they actually read the fanfic, they would be able to tell that literally nothing from Kakashi's teaching has been changed from canon. That's quite a testament to how much he deserves to be bashed.
5/4 c48 yunitauni1310
this is very great, can't wait to find out more
4/16 c48 7SilverInu93
I want more this story is really good
4/11 c45 Deal With Itt
wow he didn't take any of the girls. ino I understand but some of the others are capable.
4/11 c44 Deal With Itt
I choose violence lol
3/22 c25 4Peachstar36
I don't get Naruto's issue if copying techniques, I mean their ninjas do what they have to do to survive, and copying other people's techniques isn't the worst Sasuke has done and will do after this. If it comes to life and death or win or lose in this case then copying someone's technique should be done I don't understand why Naruto is so butt hurt about this
3/19 c48 Loquin
wow!, these last chapters where amazing, very good story!
3/12 c39 nielnica12
This fic is just a bashing for naruto’s senseis...
3/12 c34 nielnica12
What the fck is a kumo ninja doing there... did you just add a potential political mess in the invasion arc? Did you even think about the consequences of this?
3/12 c32 nielnica12
So a genin naruto can use 3 elemental type but not one is his affinity. Ok nice logic.. alcohol and xanax is tough to deal with eh
3/11 c5 1YeSkitly
2/28 c10 19crocket
As onee chsn is big sister why thr hell would it make a diferanceif he an orphan forehead is so dumb orphan means no parents not no family hell sasUKE is an orphan so afre all old people as parents died
2/27 c48 Vonta01
Please update
2/26 c48 Melikalilly
I love this story
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