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6/3/2014 c1 Svelis
So funny! Poor sweet squalo... but don't worry so much, you would look great wearing anything... or even nothing xp! If it helps, Xanxus seemed really moved with you (in an adorable way) kissing him on the cheek!
10/25/2012 c1 5KIRI NO BASHOE
It's such a disappointment that I didn't discover this sooner...
This story is both sweet & hilarious !
I love this!
8/19/2012 c1 28silent24melody13
Hi again!

LOL! I really like the ending! The Varia tricks' level are definitely higher than the average tricks huh? A Varia key member wearing a dress at the photo! It must be extremely embarrassing especially if they hang the photo, at, well just say the lobby or meeting room?

Oh, to think all that is because it's april fool day. Definitely extreme.

Hihi I would love to see Squalo being more panic at the prospect of being a girl. Like, demanding answers (but ignored by everyone), still trying to fight Xanxus, etc etc. That will be real fun to see don't you think? XD

... Squalo scream "Voi" instead of "Vroi" ;3

... (no offense!) I think the part when: don"" think"" to{o}"" much""... is rather confusing because from afar it seemed so complicated with the symbols ("", ) making it kinda... lazy to read. Well that's my opinion anyway.

Nice story! :D
4/8/2012 c1 25PrincipessaBel
Nee-chan.. this is very cute.. Squ being a girl, i can't imagine - i just thought about Squ being an uke, then Xan-xan is the seme.. XD- YOu should've detailed it better. I don't think using the 'chat/rp' method is.. uhm.. how to put it.. let's just say a little enjoying. But the story is nice. :)) Keep up the good work!


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