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for A New World, The Story Of A Lost Shinobi

10/29 c8 jefehorus
In Fanfiction and Wattpad stories about Naruto, there is a widely used cliché ad nauseam that sometimes provokes an internal conflict in me.
In most, Naruto is rejected by his parents as he has the soul of the Nine-Tails sealed within him, with some of the chakra manifesting shortly after the sealing, leading Minato to believe that the Nine-Tails has taken over the son. of the.
First of all, it doesn't make sense. Minato is and was said to be a master of the Sealing Style or Fuinjutsu, one of the best alongside Jiraiya. I know it is to give background to the plot of the story, but Minato being a master of sealing, in theory he should not fall into the idea that the fox took over his son, taking into account that the Shinigami was the one who sealed the fox and it was the Shinigami himself who made the last seals to seal the fox in the three children.
Always in these kinds of stories they put Naruto being hated by the people arguing that he is the reincarnation of the fox. It would be more likely that Danzo using Shisui's Kotoamatsukami would cast a powerful Genjutsu on the boy's parents, some other adults, and making them believe that Naruto is the devil himself incarnate.
It's more believable that way. Some would argue that Shisui died years later, but also a member of the main branch Kurama Clan, using his rare bloodline limit or Kekkei Genkai cast a Genjutsu of the same magnitude or purpose, only to be reaffirmed by Danzo later using the Shisui's dojutsu. Thus, he has the Jinchuriki despised by the village, a perfect scapegoat and possibly a future tool.
I don't know, those are my ideals. It is possible that over time, or by divine acts of the script, the strength of the Kotoamatsukami's chakra will weaken over time, until it reminds people of reality and not the reality projected by a high-caliber illusion.
10/9 c42 Damien
I just read all the story chapters during the weekend! It was great, really fun! Thank you and hope to read more in the near future :)
10/6 c1 adonaysantosromero
Amigo cuando actualizas
10/3 c7 26JensenDaniels32
Naruto could have just used the substitution jutsu to get away from Master Bob.
9/16 c3 demigodninja21
I feel you're overestimating how powerful Makarov is. I'm pretty sure that if Makarov and Gildarts fought while Makarov would win it would not be easy. To say that no one can hold a candle to him makes it sound like he could defeat anyone in only a few hits.
8/19 c33 1SSJRikudou
You made Naruto forget he could've simply put the keys in a scroll, give it to a toad... then keep them at Mt Myoboku for safe keeping? Let me guess, Zeref finds the keys? Someone else? Jesus Christ. The biggest plot hole is that all of this could've been negated had he just done that in the first place.
8/18 c15 SSJRikudou
Why would you demand to know everything about someone you just met? Nobody does that, this makes no sense. Why are you writing Naruto to play along with this when you KNOW he's a ninja and they value their secrets? The excuse of Naruto not being like other ninja is invalid here considering you wrote him doing shit he's not done in the canon, killing included. Here, he's more of a shinobi then ever.

All this basically amounts to "Hey, we just met but tell me every secret you have so I can trust you. huh? oh don't worry about ours, you don't need to know"

Erza literally at the spearhead of this but she didn't even tell him about her past lol, HE had to share his AND deduce hers before she confirmed it. Make this make sense.
8/14 c42 HelloEver22
Main I am really glad I came across this again, and it’s looking better than ever! Please continue!
8/5 c42 8Quathis
I was re-reading things, and wasn't sure I had read this last chapter, so here is my review. Fantastic finish of the Edolas arc with a literal bang thanks to Kurama. I'm guessing the magic is mellowing out both Kurama and Naruto while using his chakra. Slow change but getting noticeable. That "oh crap" moment at the end when Naruto wasn't heading back with the rest was a nice comedic moment to end on. Until next time.
7/29 c42 asingh123

What actually is changed/impacted by Naruto's presence...

imo... even though the fic is quite good and presented well... But after reading all this...

Nothing has really changed (most likely Zancrow will be fighting Natsu again ... Like Laxus... and Gajeel) ... All is going as canon despite dropping a big meteor sized stone in the river

Was really happy when Ultear was captured... and then Meldy came... But then that happened... and there goes my happiness in arc of time

I thought... What exactly has Naruto done... he hasn't really done anything impactful in 400K words that actually diverts from Canon... Not even a little...

I think it would be much better... if Naruto acted as wandering mage... You know fighting OC dark guilds and making name travelling with little blue haired student... And join FT occasionally to quash a dark guild or 2... and later join FT permanent... Maybe at tenrojima or after timeskip or something...

Heck his other world connection and incomplete task could have been used as something that doesn't allowed him to participate in 1 or 2 battles... If the rules weren't so inflexible and strenuous...

In any case... Thanks for the fic
7/28 c27 asingh123
Yep.. this chap was boring

Sure, it was entertaining to a point... But this is literally shadowing canon...

I expected Laxus to not even go through this whole arc after the beating he got from Naruto
7/8 c5 christinaalicer2004
Wewz, now looking back, I never seen the members of fairy tail kill their enemies
7/7 c42 madstack
The story was great. Thanks for writing it.

However, I can't bring myself to follow it. By the time you release another chapter, I will probably forget pretty much everything about the plot. Maybe, if you live long enough to finish it, I will come back to read it to my grandchildren or something.

Still, stellar writing and good job on not losing the thread of the plot over the years.
6/28 c42 Seta88
Read the whole story again over the last week and it was a real treat. I remembered bits and pieces, but the reread was needed and enjoyable the whole way, now I look forward to future updates again. Congratulations for the advertisement of your story by Rogue, didn't know that, but it's deserved.
6/21 c42 EmptySpot
hi! just picked this up to read a few days ago and I just caught up. honestly the flow isn’t terribly and is pretty good, especially considering that there’s huge breaks in btwn these last few chapters but you already know that. Naruto feels super in character so kudos for that! I do want to see a bit of payoff with the whole romance thing tbh and also Erza said she was gonna match Mira’s little challenge so looking forward to that!
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