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for A New World, The Story Of A Lost Shinobi

9/28 c1 CHILD PORN
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9/18 c2 Jakyll
What Erza attempted to do was heinous and horrible. Rather than showing the lost individual a place to exercise, she chose to insult and humiliate him. Satisfy her sense of self-worth and magnificence.
9/7 c33 acowles02
Hes an idiot
8/24 c42 ArnavArnav
So... next update?
8/13 c32 jixuel
aff what a disappointment this shit of not killing, I thought it would be different in this fanfic since he killed that punk at the beginning and the other leader of the guild, but still he continues to pass the cloth and does not kill the people of this dark guild that wants to resurrect the evil zeref, even though they are all insane psychopaths? What is the point of showing mercy to this group?
Don't tell me it's 'cycle of hate' bullshit and shit, he already attacked to kill that god slayer and he survived by a thread, probably crippled for life, the hate has already been established between naruto and this group
8/13 c19 jixuel
Hmm is this 'Omake' something like a filler? that it doesn't matter anything in real history and it's just hypothetical situations? Man this is sad, you put something like another character potentially finding out about kyuubi in this but not the actual story. It's very frustrating...
8/12 c42 Guest
Cuando continuas amigo
7/16 c42 HelloEver22
Definitely one of my favorite stories, i am hoping to see you come back again, though for now i wish you well and thank you for giving is this fantastic work. Have a good life and hope to see you soon!
5/2 c32 Gift of Light
Nah anyone saying it's unfair is a crazy Naruto dickrider, he's been dealing with Hades and all these niggas one after the other or in duos and this nigga losing is unfair? Ignore any comments like that bruh, don't make this nigga an unbeatable god.
4/28 c42 24Roman trooper
Naruto should end up as a gen 2 dragonslayer at this rate by accident
4/28 c42 Guest
I hope that Naruto kept the Evil Erza's Spear for himself
4/27 c26 Guest
Right. Natsu came from 400 years ago so he's well over 80
4/16 c42 3i8ed
update update!
4/13 c35 1soledrive
I absolutely hate the fact that interactions between mira and naruto has come down to nothing... man why does this happen to me, every time I search for a pairing and find a good story either they are not finished of the pairing is stopped and changed or it becomes a harem.
4/13 c24 soledrive
I like omakes and all but when I see an incomplete story with omakes I just feel like they are there to just boost the word count
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