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for A New World, The Story Of A Lost Shinobi

1/13 c33 Hyperman15
“How far are we talking about… cuz I can’t go too far at the moment” says the man who could reverse summon the key to another dimension
1/11 c41 3RedTokyo95
the end already? damn... here i thought that it would be at least at a good end instead of a cliffhanger. Oh well, you must be busy with work. I wish you luck!
1/11 c30 RedTokyo95
Yo, you just got another follower from youtube, and i have to say, Excellent job for this story! not sure if you are the same person or not, but all i can say, is that i am infatuated with the story, and i have to apologize for not visiting your story sooner the first time i got into it!
1/9 c41 2NinjaMasd
I always love reading this story. I look forward to the next chapter
12/27/2021 c26 Phantomgreninja12
12/27/2021 c27 Phantomgreninja12
12/26/2021 c21 Phantomgreninja12
bro who else read maaaaaan in ichias voice
12/25/2021 c15 Phantomgreninja12
is it weird tht when i got to the half way point of this chapter and asked when is naruto gonna join the guild amd i kept readimg and boom naruto is finnaly a member
11/30/2021 c1 1realfan16
TT_TT FINALLY someone taking into account that different dimensions shouldn't be speaking the SAME language TT_TT Literally the first one I'm seeing with it taken into account. Looks promising
11/28/2021 c41 4Hollow Lives
Love the story can't wait to see an update maybe in the future
11/27/2021 c28 Darquesse8512
Made a mistake a number of times when talking about the fourth hokage, you had Forth instead of Fourth
11/23/2021 c20 Hyperman15
Nooooooo i wanted the omake to continue
10/13/2021 c1 3greenarrow679
usually fics from back here start off pretty rough, but your idea of how they learn to communicate is amazing! Yeah, noone really takes the time to come up with things like that since they'll just use magic, a spell, seal, etc to instantly fox the issue, but the way you came up with a practical solution that is entertaining and makes sense shows how much thought you probably put into every area of the story.
9/28/2021 c40 Zenchi to zen'n no kami
¿Cómo que último arco? ¿La historia acabara en el próximo arco de los exámenes clase S? O con lo de acabar te refieres a ¿Regresar a su mundo?
9/27/2021 c39 Zenchi to zen'n no kami
La tasa de salida es de 1 año 1/2 xd
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