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for A New World, The Story Of A Lost Shinobi

6/26 c15 Mr. E
Holy crap this story is awesome!

ps. 5000th review! pls update
6/19 c1 Guest
A well-written and enjoyable story.
6/3 c41 The Missing Link
Really good story hope you come back to this soon
4/28 c41 Golden Wind God
Mannnn please continue. I have read read this fanfic almost 5 times. This is a very good story and the way you write and the plot is what makes this fanfic one the best fanfic I have ever read. The way you write without any grammatical errors is also very good. Don't abandon a good story.
4/17 c41 2Niroak
Miss this story, hope you're doing well.
4/7 c1 1Aruto-kun
terima kasih telah mencoba untuk update di tengah kesibukan anda, saya sangat menuggu arc tenroujima
4/6 c1 12Lanky Nathan
angeluser3452 no, you don't have permission. That's the lazy way out to try and get reviews. Think of a story yourself, bigger and better than mine and go work for it! If you post my story people will just call you out and you don't want that.

Check my profile for tips on writing a story, then stop slacking and hop to it!
4/6 c41 angel
buenas tardes o noches su historia es una de las historias mas interesante que leído que quiero solicitare si se pude me permitiera publicar su historia en mi wattpat soy una persona que apenas va empezando a escribir mi gustaría que me diera la oportunidad de publicar su historia en mi wattpa si usted me lo permite perfil de watta es angeluser3452 es ese mi perfil espero tener su contestacion pronto
4/6 c1 Guest
3/26 c1 Golden Wind God
I am a big, big fan of A New World ,The Story Of A Lost Shinobi. In my opinion and my view this story is one of the best fanfiction ever wrote. I am giving it second place in the best fanfiction on Naruto x Fairy Tail crossover. I'm eagerly waiting for the next chapter. Your writing style is also very good. No grammatical errors are there. You may not read this but update this story as early as possible . I'm eager to see what is going to happen next
3/18 c36 pobladorwm
si pense que seria interesante es más con el pasar de los cap me aburro más y más
3/18 c35 pobladorwm
pense que seria interesante la historia
3/2 c41 Jyubeikisanagi
Hey Nathan! You may not read this but thought I'd put my two cents in.

Doing a patreon I'd say isn't a bad idea! I can think of one writer who's currently doing so and he's getting over 900USD per month.

Your style of writing and how it rarely has any mistakes/grammatical errors is amazing, and I hope you don't forget that. If you were planning on opening a patreon account; please post that on like another chapter or your Bio! I would gladly support because of how much greatness I've read over the years with this story.

Its awesome enough that I've reread it over 5 times in the past four years!

Also sorry for not posting this while logged in my account; currently at work and I honestly don't remember my account details at the moment haha!

Thanks again Nathan, and please take care!
2/3 c2 Jutsulord
good story
1/25 c41 midnightscar17
Was that L? I have a feeling he was the crazy bastard that tried siphoning magic out of natsu
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