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for A New World, The Story Of A Lost Shinobi

9/25 c3 JiggyliFAP
You're a fucking great writer and a damn good light in the dark, most anime fanfics have crap progression. Number one of my criteria is language problem, if they magically understand each other without explanation the very moment they meet usually ends up being a bad fic. Love this shit. Chronicles of Convergence,Peiper's and Kopluru sector transported to 40k level of good shit.
9/25 c2 JiggyliFAP
continuation, damn me
medieval is, and in naruto, if I remember correctly doesn't have plate armor, maybe except the samurai dudes. So maybe it wouldve fit well if you said she sported a samurai armor.
9/25 c1 JiggyliFAP
My only gripe with this is that naruto's description of erza's armor, he doesn't know what
9/22 c41 2Digital Dragon Productions
great addition. good luck with your job and stay safe
9/21 c41 IncinX
Glad to see you writing again. I always loved this story and I hope you keep writing it when you find time.
9/18 c1 agentshark1200
The Japanese honorifics is so cringe and annoying
9/17 c1 Guest
I was in a fanfic mood and decided to reread this one and man, this first chapter was a delight to read. Honestly my favorite aspect of yours isn't even what you write but how you write it. The amount of details you manage to squeeze in to give a full and proper vision of everything that is happening, and conveyed so in a way that doesn't feel too long or too short but just the right amount is great. I think that's a wonderful skill you got, really excited to reread the rest of the story but yeah, great start Lanky!
9/17 c41 Kami no Sennin
Honestly, despite being completely confused as to what I was reading, I was just happy and surprised to see this story pop up in my updated stories. I never forgot about it, just kinda figured it'd be another great story lost to time. To this day it's still one of my favorite Naruto/Fairy Tail crossovers; partially because of how different it is to the normal crossovers for these two. It's been so long I need to refresh my knowledge of the story.
9/15 c41 connel43
Welcome back. I enjoyed the new chapter. Thank you.
9/14 c41 Tales of the kyuubi
This was another amazing chapter, and can't wait for the next one. Even if it does take another year
9/12 c41 1Bikerguy91
Yay your back
9/12 c41 luke.lindenfelser1
Wow did not except a new chapter this is nice thank you.
9/11 c41 1WhenTheLoL
Brother, I've been waiting two years for your return. And you have to know that I'm so happy you're back. Although I know this won't make any difference. I have to tell you this.

You have my full support

Posdata: Nice dick
9/9 c5 2Hoppy854
I totally feel like there will be a clash of cultures here. Naruto comes from a society where murder happens often. A ninja society based on secrets. Obviously Naruto is going to have to adapt, but the Fairytail gang can’t expect a stranger to just accept their culture right? I mean, they have to at least repsect Naruto’s culture as well right?
9/8 c4 JustDusty
Mate Is there a point to this story? i didn't come here to read about a guy learning a language
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