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for A New World, The Story Of A Lost Shinobi

10/16/2020 c8 NaruRias
entertaining so far, although I think the end of this chapter is wrong as I think Naruto knows very well that being the Hokage is not something that can be simply a wish. Naruto must already know that only by striving can he be a Hokage. It would have been better if he wanted an ichiraku ramen or that his friends are always well sounds better and more like Naruto.
10/15/2020 c1 Masked Ronin
I'm pretty deep into the story right now and it's really good I'm not a fan of the lovey-dovey stuff but hey that's just me either way it's really good
10/14/2020 c41 3DoctorKnight
Thank you! I got to reread an entire epically awesome story! Thank you!
10/12/2020 c41 Xethesis
Hopefully the next update comes a bit sooner lol, but thanks for sticking with the story!
9/30/2020 c26 Ricee
oh my God now I realize why natsu couldn't get out of the room, he's 4000 years old. completely forgot about that
9/30/2020 c41 1Sairresh
Completely forgot where I was in ur story but after a good re-read I'm back up to speed
9/30/2020 c13 Ricee
THERE IT IS, I just mentioned the toads in a review a few chapters back. well at least I know how that worked out
9/29/2020 c10 Ricee
Naruto hasn't even tried summoning the toads, who knows they might be able to reverse summon him back
9/29/2020 c10 Ricee
grey you idiot, what part of Naruto dosent care about killing don't you understand? he literally had a knife to laxus's throat. "Naruto might be strong but I dunno how he'd fair against laxus" dude you just saw him about to kill him
9/29/2020 c41 Kalomin
I had to completely reread the story to remember how we got here. Not really complaining about that though. It's a good read and gave me something to do for a few days. I'm guessing that guy at the end with the tranqs was L?
9/28/2020 c41 JiggyliFAP
Oh shit... 1 and half a year? Good thing I just recently got into fanfiction, I didn't have to wait that long.
9/25/2020 c4 JiggyliFAP
First fanfic that ever made me laugh so hard even though I'm breathing hard with a cough and sinusitis. Yep, as long as shit happens, don't have to follow canon, go AU if u have to, though I'm years late already, hahaha.
9/25/2020 c3 JiggyliFAP
You're a fucking great writer and a damn good light in the dark, most anime fanfics have crap progression. Number one of my criteria is language problem, if they magically understand each other without explanation the very moment they meet usually ends up being a bad fic. Love this shit. Chronicles of Convergence,Peiper's and Kopluru sector transported to 40k level of good shit.
9/25/2020 c2 JiggyliFAP
continuation, damn me
medieval is, and in naruto, if I remember correctly doesn't have plate armor, maybe except the samurai dudes. So maybe it wouldve fit well if you said she sported a samurai armor.
9/25/2020 c1 JiggyliFAP
My only gripe with this is that naruto's description of erza's armor, he doesn't know what
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