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for Rememberance: An Amnesia Story

3/12/2012 c1 4Blue Rowan
See I told you I would review didn't I? XP

Well that' a nice thing to wake up to. Does this guy have a name yet? Hm, until he is named I shall call him...Bill. lol idk I need something to call him.

Bill's having a bad day lol.

Well in his stomach eh? Is Timmy in there?

Lol you wake up in an cold dark place and the first thing you think of is a dungeon? Lol you been thown into dungeon's before Bill? Bad bill!

Hmm injured and in a dungeon. Well that's a great start to a day huh?

Aaaannndd the moaning. That's such a comforting thing. Lol I like Bill's general wth is going on reactions.

Lol hide in a corner! Wait he can't really move. Well sucks for Bill. I'm guessing Mr. Face?

...well he's in the fun dungeon. Run away Bill!

Ok you have a good start. I like what you have so far. Is Bill going to be sane in this? Cause he can't be exactly like Daniel or that will be too much like the actual game. It would be funny to have a sane guy's reactions to what the heck is going on in this castle. Great job on getting this started!

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