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for Reasonable Doubt

10/16/2019 c1 gabbmudd
i know im late reading this but THANK U FOR WRITTING THIS im a a bawn shipper and always wanted to find a fanfic for it and finally i found one thank u man and the story is rlly good
9/24/2015 c7 Guest
This story is the best!
3/17/2014 c8 alcamoth
This was a great Bawn fic. I'm a Dott fan, but I also love Bawn as well. I loved it a lot and everything about this was great.
1/14/2014 c8 79GiLaw The Sparky
I thought everyone was really in character in this. Really good job!


Keep writing Bawn! There's never enough of it! XD
3/7/2013 c1 26New Divides
Good story.
2/4/2013 c7 Guest
10/22/2012 c8 Guest
nice story man. i think you need to write another story with this couple, perhaps one set in the future where they are married and have a family
8/1/2012 c8 7play for keeps
You wrapped everything up nicely! I liked this story because even though it is now 4:40 am over here, it didn't take me too long to read (even though I was distracted by some stuff while reading haha). Your chapters were just the right size which is good-I really can't stand long, long chapters, and since it's so late, these chapters were the perfect size to read!

If only this ending really happened on the show *sigh* I guess we'll have to see when Season 5 comes out. I love Bawn! :D The only suggestion I have is for you to write a Scott story I mentioned earlier if you haven't already hehe.
8/1/2012 c6 play for keeps
This was a good chapter! Writing Scott's back story made me sad :'( wifebeaters are the only shirts he can afford, his mom is dead and his dad's an alocholic? He has it rough. That back story suits him perfectly though, in my opinion. I haven't checked your other stories yet but if you haven't you should write more about Scott and his background-it would be really interesting to read, and you really write his thoughts and feelings well, along with the other characters you've written in this story (B and Dawn).

I laughed at Scott telling Mike he wasn't a doctor and couldn't help him with his MPD. And then Scott telling B if he was going to mock him in sign language cracked me up as well haha.
8/1/2012 c3 play for keeps
I really like your writing style ) How you describe and explain people/events is really clear and I love reading it! What you had Staci say to Dawn really cracked me up-her great great whatever invented GRUDGES? That's not even a physical thing haha!

AND OH MY GOSH B JUST SPOKE! I wonder what he would sound like? I'm thinking he had a really soft, deep voice haha. It's 3:57am here and I'm gonna get through your whole story hehe-be prepared for more reviews :D
8/1/2012 c2 play for keeps
You've captured Scott and Dawn's characters perfectly! Great job :D I was laughing a lot in this chapter, mostly you describing people's aura's and Scott's want of bacon haha. " Sam's was almost clear, which meant almost no emotion whatsoever" really had me laughing.
7/31/2012 c8 4malzi21
Hey WorldsMostAwesomeCritic (such a misnomer!) You got that PM I sent you, right? I'd assume so, it went through on my part.

Man, almost a day and a half and no response? So sad, I would've enjoyed continuing our chats. I will offer you some advice, however. If you want to write an effective flame, at least make them all somewhat different. If all you do attack one's grammar, plotline, and couple(s) in question, your flame eventually starts to lose its effectiveness. This is your THIRD flame now, and they're all almost identical. (Are you just copying and pasting? I applaud you, so much more efficient then, you know, actually being original in attacking one's work.) I'd also reccommend expanding your points more, if you hate our stories so much, I'm sure you can find many specifics about why it sucks. Furthermore, I suggest poking around the site a bit, in your case probably flaming others in the process, so you can at least be informed before you make an ignorant statement.

So I hope this helps you become a much more effective troll in the process, and have fun turning this entire fandom against you. :D
7/30/2012 c8 TheWorld'sMostAwesomeCriti
Wow, another DumbBlonde99 fan? Huh, didn't know there were so many idiots on this site. But just to let you know, you suck just as much. I read the first chapter... If you could call it a chapter, as it was so horrible. Oh it's your first fanfiction? And you want me to be nice? Well too bad, I'm too honest for that. Everything that I said about DumbBlonde99applies to you as well. Grammar? Horrible. Plot? Is there even one? Especially your couple choice. Dawn and B? Worst crack couple ever. The only pairing anyone cares about is Scott and Dawn. I don't care if you hate them, that's all any nerds on this site will read. On a final note, your on about the same level as DumbBlonde99. Which means you suck.
The horrible writer I speak of is NerdyBlonde99, although her pen name is a bit of stretch considering how horrible her grammar is. As you can see I prefer to call her DumbBlonde99because of it. Check out her story, Playing the Game if you want a quick laugh.
7/28/2012 c4 2The Side Of The Angels In 221B
Ooh, what's going to happen?
7/26/2012 c2 Guest
... and bladder-control problems. LOL!
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