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for A Field of Flowers and a Princess

5/23/2020 c1 12ChaosGamer
alright, some zoroXvivi
9/7/2015 c1 WolfieRose
Hey. I didn't bother to log in so I had to settle for the guest. I love Vivi and a pro and there should be more of them. Please update soon.
8/9/2015 c1 Guest
In all of one piece Zoro Vivi pairing is my fav you got to up date this fic but I don'nt think you will since it had been THREE FREEKING YEARS but please update cause am in love with your Bandict
9/5/2014 c1 18Snowy Ptarmigan
Gosh I just love this couple. 3 And I honestly do like really reading about Kunia in this. :)
3/25/2014 c1 14LadyofDragons99
I loved it so much ! It was really beautiful yet short , please do more .
11/19/2012 c1 tallyhotheory
It sure have the feeling while reading it :)
8/12/2012 c1 Anonymous
Thx 4 making zoro vivi, it's my fav pairing! U do it really well!
7/16/2012 c1 Anonymous
I keep looking for zoro and vivi pairings , good start ! :D
6/16/2012 c1 14MinakoTrickster
Hello there, happened upon this story. At first I wasn't sure, but I did get a bit more into it once I began reading. Vivi has always been my favorite. She's considered as part of Luffy's crew, but her duties as a Princess keep her away. I've always wanted to see her back on board with the others.

I especially love the pairing. More popular in Japan than here, which is sad.

There were some typos, like saying he when the meaning looks like it was meant as she.

Other than that I enjoyed this and would love to see more. Thank you.
5/19/2012 c1 4faeces
Enjoyed this! Please continue write more stories with zoro and vivi in them!
3/11/2012 c1 14fmdevil
Very well done. You seem to capture their characters' well.

And you're right, there is very little involving this pairing, and there needs to be more.

Hope to see you write some more soon, keep up the great work.

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