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12/30/2022 c37 Aetherium21
WHY WHY WHY is Ash speaking Poke in plain view of the killer?!
12/29/2022 c3 Aetherium21
Ahahah, an education, ‘o the horror
10/13/2022 c31 12Cyan Quartz
Your fight scenes are amazing bro, I appreciate that not literally every attack is meant to kill, either. That was my only gripe with Sun Soul, It did fit the theme, but it was all super depressing.
10/11/2022 c20 Cyan Quartz
This episode tore my heart out, loved the action scenes in your version.

Team Rocket are starting to seem like Far Cry goons, you can kill a million of them but the only way to truly beat em is to go for their resources and utilities. Which is fun.
10/4/2022 c1 Cyan Quartz
Woah. Marp, got me crying.
4/24/2022 c42 Guest
After reading both Symbiosis and the rewrite, I feel like I have to say that Symbiosis is still better than Symbiotic, even though it starts getting bad at chapter 28 and even though I really liked the village arc in the rewrite, Symbiosis is still better and I'm really sad it will never be finished, despite disliking the last chapters of it.
I'm not sure why it's still better than the rewrite, but while the only part of Symbiotic I feel like re-reading is the secret village arc, I always re-read Symbiosis entirely, even those chapters at the end that I actually dislike, I wish I could pinpoint and explain why, but even though it became a mess by the end Symbiosis is still great! Thanks for leaving it up, it's the best pokemon story, even unfinished, if you still have the notes for what was going to happen next in this story it'd be great if you could post it, if not it's fine, I'm glad the story is still up so I can re-read it when I want :)
3/27/2021 c1 Guest
A very good Pokemon fanfiction but ash is too innocent but thanks it is one of the best fabrication ever
1/15/2021 c14 Resurrection99
Holy shit...
10/13/2020 c1 GrumpyGrue
Weedle weeds out weaklings.
8/30/2020 c14 hobbes319
the trio is surprisingly badass
7/16/2020 c6 Valkyrie3420
Oh gawds, first in the anime, they try to recruit pikachu, and now ASH into TEAM ROCKET?
12/3/2019 c42 87erica.phoenix16
Looking forward to the write up. :)
12/2/2019 c32 1Dragonmaster150
I know that you've already finished this a long time ago, but given Jessie and James' attitude towards "the Good Guys" I'm kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop when find out that their entire organization is practically made up of "Good Guys". That's probably going to be a shattered worldview right there.
12/1/2019 c26 4JoshPlater
Haven't finished reading the chapter yet, but Lucas is Giovanni's son isn't he. He ran away from his facist family who then became Team Rocket. It seems like a likely option.
11/26/2019 c14 121VampireApple
I have been excitedly reading through this story and not leaving reviews, but this chapter was so cool. I love the darker themes, I love the violence, I love how you explain Rocket members motivations and how varied those motivations are, I looove Jessie and James too! How they were in this chapter made me want to review.

I love how the other Rocket member refured to them as the crazies. Their talk about pamphlets in an earlier chapter was so funny to me! I like how they're so competent too. Jessie just casually broke that person's arm then they just killed the humans, and went back to watching the movie! Amazing.

And, holy shit, what you've done with Ash's character, I love it. Same with Brock and Misty. You've changed these characters to fit this new world, but you were able to keep the core of who these characters were.

The sneaky humor in here too, I love it!

This world is amazing. It feels like a great blend of the managa, Pokemon Adventures, the anime (some parts remind me of Pokemon Origons) and the game. Your battle scenes are amazing, the strategies are awesome, and the research you must put into this for pokemon moves...

Just. Just stellar. This is one of the best AU fics I've ever read in any fandom. Simply amazing.
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