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9/6/2014 c1 14AndysDeadAccount
This is really great! You maintained the characters in character and you successfully mimicked Heller's writing style. Good job! Thank you for writing this!
12/22/2012 c1 6minderbinder
You have done an exceptional job of capturing the spirit of the story in your work. Thanks for sharing it!
11/17/2012 c1 creamsley
I'm immensely grateful that somebody decided to write fanfiction for Catch. It seems that there's no fandom, although the possible themes for fanworks are almost infinite.

It was quite in-style; you probably shouldn't have used that many similar explanation phrases after the direct speech parts, though.

The weakest part of this piece is its plot - I dunno if it could even properly fit in the book timeline. Doesn't Yossarian fly to Nately's whore even if he's promoted to Colonel? And I'm unsure if he would be OK with being a Colonel or, for that matter, letting Nately fly more missions; or with his death, especially since it seems to be Yossarian's own fault in this narrative.

I still enjoyed it and I want to thank you once more for writing it.
3/23/2012 c1 jkkhgfsds
I liked it. Your writing agrees with the main spirit of the book with the paradoxes and the conversations running in circles. But here's some real criticism, because I like you and I think you could do better. You can be a little preachy here and there. You use a couple of cliches/common phrases in your writing, i.e. "like sands through the hourglass", and I know you expanded on it a little to try and make it your own, but it just didn't work for me. The second sentence has a grammar error (extra "in"). I would have ended the story with Yossarian's last line and left off that extra bit with your meaningful thoughts.

But anyway, it was an interesting story, funny, and it's great that you picked an excellent novel to write about. You started with a powerful opening line which was what made me want to read it in the first place. I assume you got an A on this.

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