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1/17 c9 1Areshi
I love youuu i lovve this story so much
Im fucking sobbing right now
SASUKE why cant you realize how royally youve fucked up?!
1/16 c1 Nel-san
It's just so precious. Your Sasuke is really something different, thank I used to read, in a good tone of course! I hope for long chapters and slow development bettwen Sakura and Sasuke.
1/11 c9 2Marinara the Sauce
Arghhhh. This is so good and angsty gosh. I thought this was abandoned so I didn’t bother following it but I’m so glad you’re updating again! I love this fic sm, and yay character development for Sasuke! I thought it was really cool how much changed from canon, thank you for updating!
1/6 c9 pisquenta
omg omg omg omg yes! this is what I came here for!
1/6 c5 pisquenta
omg, what happened with Sakura? and I think it's a strong possibility that sasuke being get his sharingan, after all he was trying to protect naruto at the time
1/6 c8 pisquenta
i knew it! he's not gonna awake the sharingan with this attitude.
1/6 c7 pisquenta
they're getting better.
1/6 c6 pisquenta
yes! i can already see the possibilities of this affecting a whole lot of other scenarios
1/6 c4 pisquenta
yes yes yes! Sakura you do your best and let sasuke see what he was missing
1/6 c3 pisquenta
it's good that you made him weak and kid if helpless, because that way he won't run to find Itachi. he's gonna stay put and maybe be a little less horrible to the people who care about him
1/6 c1 pisquenta
I've read a lot of return fics, but it's a first with sasuke.
12/29/2020 c9 Dawn
Oh my God...no, Sakura CANNOT be dead! I think you did well to go dark so Sasuke finally opens his eyes and reconsiders his beliefs. Gosh poor Inari... what happened to the poor kid?

I would love more updates on this! They are always soo good!

Abd Happy New Year btw!
12/22/2020 c9 EmmaAnna
update soon please
12/21/2020 c9 RedEYES-Fallen
love it!
12/16/2020 c9 grilledsquids
Oooh, Sasuke’s finally getting slapped with reality. I liked this chapter a lot, great job!
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